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FFXIV Changes for Tomestones and Scrips For Endwalker

FFXIV Changes for Tomestones and Scrips For Endwalker

Players only have a few weeks left to use their Tomestones and Scrips in Final Fantasy XIV before EndWalker's release and here is everything you need to know about the changes to these currencies.

Endwalker is on the doorstep with barely thirty days to wait before the release of the new expansion for Final Fantasy XIV. As Patch 6.0 approaches, Square Enix has decided that we deserved more information on the currencies currently available in Eorzea and their future once Endwalker is available.

The announced changes focuses on the Tomestones but also the Scrips and indirectly all the items purchasable with one or the other.

Tomestones changes with FFXIV Endwalker

First of all, two new types of Tomestones will be added to Endwalker and can be obtained once level 90 in a combat class.

Regarding other types of Tomestones:

  • Tomestones of Allegory and Revelation: Can no longer be obtained or traded
  • Tomestones of Phantasmagoria: Will be removed
  • Allagan Tomestones of Poetics: The level 80 missions which granted Tomestones of Allegory and Revelation will now loot poetics.

Although you will no longer be able to obtain Tomestones of Allegory and Revelation you will still be able to trade in those you have even after patch 6.0 .

Your Tomestones of Phantasmagoria will no longer be redeemable after Endwalker releases, so it's a good idea to spend them before the expansion releases.

Once Endwalker is out you will also be able to exchange your Tomestones of Allegory and Revelation.

Crafters and Gatherers Scrips Changes with Endwalker

Endwalker will introduce a new type of Scrips for crafters and gatherers, as always a single new type will be added and the color split between crafting and harvesting.

This new type of scrips will be available once level 90 is reached.

The old scrips will change accordingly:

  • White Scrips for crafters and gatherers: Take the spot of Yellow scrips as a "low level" currency
  • Yellow Scrips for crafters and gatherers: It will no longer be possible to obtain these scrips
  • Red Scrips for crafters and gatherers: Will be removed from the game

The cycle continues as the new scrips will become the "high level" scrips just like the white ones are right now.

Likewise, the release of Endwalker will see Crafters' and Gatherers' Tokens change, it'll no longer be possible to obtain Blue Crafter Tokens or trade Gatherer's Tokens.

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