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New World: Amazon's servers are temporarily down

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New World: Amazon's servers are temporarily down

Even though it is still possible to connect to New World, there appears to be a widespread problem on Amazon's servers.

New World: Amazon's servers are temporarily down

No information has been divulged by the New World team about server outages, yet many are reporting problems. It seems issues with Amazon's infrastructure mean it's not only the MMO that has been impacted, but other services such as Twitch.

While there's been no official communication on New World's social media channels, Amazon are working on a fix. 

This is not an issue on players' end, so you don't need to worry about issues with your PCs.

New World
New World

Those in charge of maintaining Amazon's global servers have published messages on the dashboard, explaining that a solution is in progress, but that it will take time to reestablish connections to the various servers.

As a result, the condition will gradually improve. More information will come as reinstatement of the Amazon servers takes place.

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