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GTA 6 formalized by Rockstar: An announcement this year?

GTA 6 formalized by Rockstar: An announcement this year?

Miracle! After months of unfounded rumors and wacky leaks, Rockstar is finally coming out of the woods to discuss one of the most expected games of the new generation: Grand Theft Auto VI.

Official informations about Grand Theft Auto 6 are very rare, but we can at least add this fresh statement from Rockstar about its next baby, published on the official Rockstar website as we update people a bit on what's to come for GTA 5 and GTA Online. In the last part of this long post, R* looks back on the longevity of their multi-generational title, specifying that the development of the next chapter of the series is still progressing well and promises information on GTA6 "as soon as they are ready."

With the unprecedented longevity of GTAV, we know many of you have been asking us about a new entry in the Grand Theft Auto series. With every new project we embark on, our goal is always to significantly move beyond what we have previously delivered — and we are pleased to confirm that active development for the next entry in the Grand Theft Auto series is well underway. We look forward to sharing more as soon as we are ready, so please stay tuned to the Rockstar Newswire for official details.

On behalf of our entire team, we thank you all for your support and cannot wait to step into the future with you!

GTA 6 announced in 2022?

Everyone is bound to have their little commentary there. Bloomberg's Jason Schreier also went there with his little prophecy. He says he wouldn't be surprised to see GTA 6 announced this year with a "fake" 2023 release date that will most likely slip into 2024 . This is not necessarily based on nothing, since it is the communication model Rockstar used for each of their super-productions for a while. In the meantime, those hungry for urban open-worlds will be able to jump on Saints Row this summer, even if we are clearly not in the same register.

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