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Leak GTA 6: The supposed hacker pleads not guilty, the case is far from over!

Leak GTA 6: The supposed hacker pleads not guilty, the case is far from over!

There's something new in the history of Rockstar hacking. The young man suspected of being among those responsible for one of the biggest leaks in the history of the industry has faced justice. He pleaded not guilty to one count, and the case is still far from over!

This Sunday, September 18, Rockstar's work on the highly anticipated sixth installment of GTA was revealed to the world by a hacker. More than 90 gameplay videos have been posted on the networks, letting players discover the protagonists as well as the universe of future video game production.

Dubbed the biggest leak in the history of the industry , the GTA VI previews have gone viral around the world and sparked a wave of community solidarity with Rockstar. The latter had also allied with the company Uber, also a victim of the same hacker. The two companies had decided to bring the file to the FBI, but also to the US Department of Justice.

The case changed once again when on September 23, the official account of the London police announced the arrest of the most wanted hacker of the moment, at least the one they think was involved in the Rockstar case. The young man was risking a lot but when his trial has just started, he decided to plead not guilty to one of his charges.

Alleged hacker pleads not guilty

The 17-year-old living in Oxfordshire was arrested a few days ago by London police. He was charged with two counts of bail violation and two counts of computer misuse. Detectives also suspected the teenager of being one of the figures of the Lapsus$ collective, therefore among the main culprits in the Rockstar / Uber affair.

According to Eurogamer , who tracked some detectives in charge of the case including Michael O'Sullivan: "The 17-year-old, who appeared in Highbury Corner Juvenile Court on September 24, pleaded guilty to of the conditions of his release on bail and not guilty of misuse of a computer" . In short, the teenager denies having used his telephone as well as his electronic tools for the purpose of hacking.


It is important to remember that we still do not know if the young man is really guilty or not, and for that, it is necessary to wait for the court decision concerning him. According to Matthey Keys , a specialist journalist, more arrests are to come : "A police source said that at least two other people are believed to be involved in the attack on Rockstar and Uber, and that more arrests are expected" .

This is not the first time the suspect has faced justice.

The first time we heard about the supposed Rockstar hacker was in the BBC News papers last March. The subject, titled "Oxford teen accused of being multi-millionaire cyber-criminal" had made people talk about him. The 16-year-old (at the time) boy's father said:

"I had never heard of any of this until recently. He never talked about hacking, but he is very good at computers and spends a lot of time on the computer. I always thought he was playing games."
Père du suspect (Source)

No one knows what awaits the young man. One thing is certain, the detectives in charge of the Rockstar case are determined to arrest all those responsible, and they risk a lot. Pending the progress of his trial, the accused was transferred to a detention center for minors.

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