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GTA 6: This new rumor puts on an imminent announcement

GTA 6: This new rumor puts on an imminent announcement

While we are still waiting for a potential announcement or declaration concerning the highly anticipated GTA 6, here is the canvas igniting, once again, and imagining an announcement for the end of this month of October. We take stock with you of this new speculation.

Once again , the Rockstar Games community is getting excited, and imagining a new scenario with an imminent Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer. absolutely none of this information is official. We must therefore keep a cool head and read what will follow with a huge step back. Now that you are all warned, according to some fans of the license and some "leakers", GTA 6 could be announced this month, and more precisely on October 29th . We explain why.

GTA 6 announced at the end of the month?

It's the new rumor of the moment when it comes to GTA 6! And yes, one more, and above all, one more concerning his so-called imminent announcement. If a few days ago we told you that an announcement for this month was quite improbable, the community does not want to hear anything and does not budge, and to support their words, they have gone quite far!

For this, a step back is necessary. Remember, it was on October 22, 2001 that the whole world welcomed the enormous GTA III, a game that completely revolutionized the genre with its open world, and all in 3D. Twenty years later, on October 22, 2021, we discovered for the first time the trailer for GTA Trilogy, this trilogy bringing together GTA III, GTA San Andreas as well as GTA Vice City. As a result, the community, and more particularly the Twitter account responding to the name of GTAVI_Countdown, has suggested that since October 29, 2002 we were entitled to the release of GTA Vice City, October 29, 2022, date on which the title will celebrate its 20th anniversary, we should logically have the very first trailer of GTA 6 .

Unsurprisingly, all fans of the license now firmly believe that the date of October 29 will mark the release of the GTA 6 trailer, but, once again, this theory is based on absolutely no solid information.

An announcement during the GTA Online Halloween event?

Moreover, in addition to this rumor, another attests that its announcement could take place on October 23, the date on which we should see a UFO appear in GTA Online, and more precisely at Fort Zancudo. This information comes from a well-known Rockstar leaker, Tez2.

According to him and according to some data, UFOs should indeed appear during the Halloween event which is currently taking place in the Online mode of GTA 5, and according to discoveries made in GTA Trilogy, it could be that the announcement of GTA 6 will take place in GTA Online in a few days...So far to follow!

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