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GTA 6: The hacker threatens Rockstar Games

GTA 6: The hacker threatens Rockstar Games

While the video game industry is going through a real earthquake with the leaks of GTA 6, the hacker behind this earthquake wants to negotiate with the Rockstar Games studio. Will the developers give in? Is it serious? We tell you everything.

What's been going on for over 24 hours now is quite unbelievable. Unexpectedly on Sunday, September 18, a hacker by the name of teapotuberhacker released no less than 90 videos of the Rockstar Games community's highly anticipated game , Grand Theft Auto 6, on the web. good progress, there is obviously some fake among the tons of information that we can read on the various social networks.

While the hacker revealed who he really was, namely, the one who also hacked into Uber a few days ago, he now wants to negotiate with the starred firm...

The hacker behind the GTA 6 leak wants to negotiate

Here is one who does not lack nerve and aplomb, but yes, " teapotuberhacker " does indeed want to start negotiations with the starred firm.

Waking up after having wreaked havoc on the web, the latter had apparently not fully realized the bomb he had just quietly placed before going to sleep. When he woke up, he did not expect to have so many messages and to see that he had returned all of Twitter. To which, he decided, in monstrous nerve, to enter into negotiations with Rockstar Games (via VGC ).

Ok so this unexpectedly went viral I woke up to 3000 DM Telegram. If you are an employee of Rockstar or Take 2 trying to contact me, send me a message containing 22559219889638875756 on Telegram or you can email me at ** from your company email address ** I will try to read all of these answers soon - I am looking to negotiate a deal.

At the time of writing these lines, we do not really know what the hacker really wants, but we imagine, not without too much difficulty, that he wants a large sum of money. In addition, several elements remain to be confirmed, such as whether or not he does indeed hold the source codes for GTA 5 and GTA 6. If this is the case, the whole company could be wiped out. .

Rockstar Games takes the floor

As we told you, several elements still have to be confirmed or not, but at the time of writing these lines, Rockstar Games has finally spoken on social networks through a short press release.

In the latter, the developers express their dissatisfaction with this huge leak, and we understand at the same time that yes, all the images and videos that we could see were indeed taken from GTA 6.

Now, we're going to have to take our troubles patiently in order to find out what happens next, but one thing is certain, it's that the next few days are likely to be very hectic.

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