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GTA 6: We may already know the logo of the game!

GTA 6: We may already know the logo of the game!

As the days go by, the rumors around Grand Theft Auto 6 intensify more and more, and this time the latest is more important than ever since it is the potential leak of the logo of the title. Did Rockstar blunder?

A new leak is causing trouble in the Rockstar Games community! The studio has apparently leaked the logo of the long-awaited but no less mysterious Grand Theft Auto 6.

This isn't the first leak or rumor we've seen swirling around GTA 6 on the web. We have already had the right to potential information with a highlight on the supposed protagonists of the game, but also on the different places that should be present in said title.

This time, things are a little more serious since it is not a question of rumors coming from leakers, but rather information coming directly from the studio .

Rockstar Games leaks GTA 6 logo?

If the starred firm has formalized the development of the next opus, it is indeed on the official studio website, and more precisely in the store, that the GTA 6 logo has apparently leaked .

The page would have undergone an update on April 15, thus revealing only one new article which was a black t-shirt with the code name " Black_Americas_Logo " . On the latter, the number 6 appeared in Roman numerals (VI) in blue and pink colors, which could then refer to GTA 6.

If today the store has once again been updated, removing the garment from it, it was without counting on our insiders who were able to quickly take screenshots and then post them on social networks .

Nevertheless, this is apparently not the first time that this logo has appeared on the web. We have on the one hand the insiders who say that it is indeed the one from GTA 6, then on the other those who say that it is not and that it has already been seen before.

Also, this is not the only logo that we know of, since, again thanks to the NEWSLEAKSGTAS Twitter account, another has appeared, this one being all dressed in gold.

According to him but also according to his source, the logo would look like what he shared, and the golden color is strongly present since it seems to refer to " the Gold Coast in Florida " which would then be the place main game .

Of course, these are, again, just rumors, and we have to take this new information with a grain of salt . At the time of writing, we unfortunately don't know anything about the content planned for GTA 6, and we must therefore be patient before having any information from Rockstar Games.

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