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Minecraft: A leak suggests good news

Minecraft: A leak suggests good news

Good news for Minecraft players. It seems that the cubic title from Mojang Studios wants to allow its entire community to be able to vote for this or that mob, and for this, the developers are going to change their way of doing things.

For a few years now, Mojang Studios has been broadcasting what it calls Minecraft Live every year, in order to take stock of the new features to come for its various titles, including its Minecraft juggernaut.

Through the latter, players have the possibility and this on several occasions, to vote for the introduction of a mob in the cubic title , but via the social network Twitter . The problem is that not everyone has a Twitter account, even though today's society tends to be connected absolutely everywhere. Moreover, in addition to those who do not have an account with the blue bird, there are also fake/bot accounts that sometimes boost these votes and therefore mislead the final result. Nevertheless, it would seem that this will soon be ancient history!

The Mob Vote available directly in Minecraft?

This leak comes to us directly from videographer PhoenixSC on YouTube, which specializes in Mojang's franchise. According to one of his latest discoveries in the lines of codes of Minecraft Bedrock version since the last update, the Mob Vote should soon be introduced and available directly via the game and no longer on Twitter , just like Minecraft Live .

We can imagine not without difficulty that an option will allow you to join Live and Mob Vote via the game launcher, or directly in the title screen of Minecraft. However, at the time of writing, nothing has been confirmed by the developers and it is only a rumor. But if it does, it would be good news for the title community.

Minecraft, the community on its back?

It's no secret that Minecraft is one of the most popular games in the world and also one of the best-selling along with GTA 5. Nevertheless, for some time now the community seems to be increasingly irritated by the developer's way of doing things, with broken promises.

So, while the Wild Update will only be deployed in a few short days, players are already unhappy with it. According to their testimonies on the various social networks, this new major update would be quite empty, and would be sorely lacking in content announced several months ago by Mojang Studios (RIP the fireflies).

Nevertheless, it is worth remembering that these big updates are FREE, and still bring several new features to the cubic title. In addition, the developers want the game to be always more beautiful, and for this, they have allowed players to play with more depth, which brings a new dimension.

Anyway, next June 7 will mark the introduction of the Wild Update, and you can find all the details of it in our dedicated article.

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