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Disney Dreamlight Valley: The 8 new features and quests hidden by the update

Disney Dreamlight Valley: The 8 new features and quests hidden by the update

Here are some changes brought by the October 19, 2022 update that you may have missed on Disney Dreamlight Valley! Special items for Halloween, clues for the next characters or nice visual changes!

On October 19, 2022, there was a content update on Disney Dreamlight Valley. This is the first in early access which then mainly adds the character of Scar as announced but also some surprises such as the arrival of the Ravens and a new area to explore: the Mines of Vitalys. If some players are disappointed with the duration of this update which can end in just a few days, we must not forget that some slightly hidden activities are also to be discovered. For example, don't forget to complete the new Path of the Stars pass in order to obtain Halloween rewards.

Without further ado, here's what you may not have seen with Scar's update yet!

What Scar Unlocks

By completing Scar's story mission, you can finally liberate the Sunny Plateau and catch the fish that were previously unavailable. But that's not all, with friendship quests, you can finally upgrade your Shovel to remove wildebeest bones from the biome! This makes it much easier to get clay than before.

Additionally, the Scar update grants access to Vitalys Mines and 4 new materials :

  • Rubies and shiny Rubies (useful for crafting certain furniture),
  • Sapphires and brilliant sapphires,
  • Crystal of Vitalys,
  • The Enriched Earth

    Note that a Collection bug is currently in progress: even if you pick up the new materials, they will not show up as obtained.

Disney Dreamlight Valley
Disney Dreamlight Valley

The fertilizer to make your plantations grow faster!

During Scar's story quest, Merlin will teach you the recipe for Super Bubbly Root Beer but also the recipes for two very powerful elixirs in order to grow the Orb of Healing . In reality, these are the famous "fertilizers" that we had spotted in the game data! These potions allow you to grow your plantations faster but are quite greedy in ingredients:

  • The miraculous growth elixir (10 vitalys crystals + 10 enriched earth + 1000 dreamlight dust): 10 uses
  • Even more Miraculous Growth Elixir (25 Vitalys Crystals + 25 Enriched Earth + 2500 Dreamlight Dust): 25 uses.

    Once in your inventory, click "use" to apply the effect to your Watering Can. The slightest watering will cause the plants to grow instantly.

Disney Dreamlight Valley

New Halloween Furniture via the Workbench

A little surprise from the developers: 5 new pieces of furniture can be crafted via your Workbench to decorate your Village in an Autumn and Halloween style!

  • The jug with pampas herbs,
  • The Fall Wreath (cannot be put on your exterior door unfortunately),
  • The basket overflowing with marigold flowers,
  • Fall harvest pennants,
  • The mischievous pumpkin scarecrow,
Disney Dreamlight Valley

The visual of the dishes improved

Many visual improvements and bug fixes have been made with the update. You can discover the complete list in the French patch note but the biggest modification, besides the tons of new colors for the hairstyles and the improved photo mode , is none other than the visual of almost all the recipes of the game which have exchange. The dishes look much more appetizing now.

Disney Dreamlight Valley
Disney Dreamlight Valley
Disney Dreamlight Valley

Scrooge's new quest

Unfortunately, the October update only brings one and only one new character: Scar. No new kingdom door to unlock in the Castle nor character hidden in the Pumpkin House yet. Completing Scar's quests in full doesn't unlock anything else for you either. However, restoring the Sunny Plateau allows you to at least activate Scrooge's biome quest which asks you to decorate it with 10 pieces of furniture! Note also that the Scrooge Shop is supposed to receive new furniture never seen before but these still seem to be blocked.

Regarding the pumpkin house, although nothing is announced yet, I have high hopes that something special will happen on Halloween day, October 31, 2022.

Disney Dreamlight Valley

The "secret" Halloween quests

Speaking of Halloween, go to your Dreamlight missions, "Village" tab to discover 5 new quests exclusive to the season! By completing them, you will get unique rewards to celebrate the Day of the Dead and decorate your village as it should be.

A teaser for Maleficent and other characters to come?

If you have read the dialogues during Scar's quests, you will realize that many references to the Snow White universe take place, such as having to cook Snow White's gooseberry pie quite simply, but also the final reward: a piece of magic mirror (symbol of the Evil Queen).

But on the side of La Voie des Étoiles, the references are rather on the side of La Belle aux Bois Dormant . A dedicated category has also been added to your Furniture Collection. In the Pass, you can get rewards like Maleficent's horns or her throne!

However, note that not all of these characters are in the game data yet unlike Cinderella and the Fairy Godmother who should live in the Pumpkin House.

Disney Dreamlight Valley
Disney Dreamlight Valley

Slight changes

Among the changes not specified in the patch note, we can note the following:

  • The cave that there was before on the other side of the Sunny Plateau has disappeared: it is surely that of the Mines of Vitalys which has been shifted,
  • The screen now turns gray when you have no more energy : this will be fixed in the next update because some people can not stand it,
  • In addition to Sleeping Beauty, two other new categories have been added to furniture: Ancient Civilization (which can be reminiscent of Atlantis as are the symbols for Memories and Ruins in-game), and Hercules .
  • It can now start snowing in the Frozen Heights!
Disney Dreamlight Valley

What's next?

  • See you probably on October 31st to have a surprise Halloween party in the game!
  • The Toy Story update, probably at the end of November, will bring two new characters and an additional kingdom to the castle (as well as other new features not yet revealed),
  • A free item should be sent to our mailboxes soon.
  • According to game data leaks, a few more characters are expected to arrive during Early Access (otherwise, we'll have to wait until the game's final release in 2023)
  • The devs are currently working on fixing several bugs like Mother Gothel's quest with the shards and new materials not appearing as "complete" in the Collection.
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