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God of War Ragnarok too talkative during puzzles? The backseat is debating!

God of War Ragnarok too talkative during puzzles? The backseat is debating!

If (almost) everyone agrees that God of War Ragnarok is an excellent sequel to the 2018 opus, a consensus has also been created around the constant backseating of Atreus who seems to want to help you at all costs to solve puzzles. No thanks ?

Those who are familiar with God of War know that Atreus can be of great help when the player is stuck: he provides tips and tricks on how to progress if you ever get stuck. The mechanic continues in the sequel, God of War Ragnarok , released a few days ago. Concern ? He also gives his opinion when we don't need it.

Shut up, Atreus!

If Atreus' comments are meant to help, it seems a lot of players are irritated by the teenager's incessant dialogue more than anything else.

The problem is not so much that he is trying to advise us, but it is above all that he intervenes very quickly and does not give the player time to explore and think for himself, to the point that the streamer and creator Alphacast content, in particular, has used the term backseat outright.

Backseat gaming , which literally means "playing from the backseat" is the act of commenting on and critiquing the choices and actions of someone who is playing a game without actually playing it.

"The backseat would bother me if I had been stagnating for a few minutes, but there top lap 10 seconds Atreus chakal we are not at the pieces" rebounds Terracid, who underlines how quick Atreus is to give his opinion.

And according to the responses to the Alphacast tweet, the majority of players agree and want to slap the know-it-all.

No option to silence it

Unfortunately, while there is an option to slow down the appearance of clues during puzzles limited by a timer, there is nothing to silence Atreus , or even delay his comments even for the time to visit the area.

And if God of War Ragnarok suffers from this problem, it is downright unbearable for certain titles which abuse this mechanism too much. There are also very recent titles among the games cited by angry players, such as A Plague Tale Requiem , and especially Horizon Forbidden West which comes up a lot.

It is hoped that the developers (generally, by the way, not just those at Santa Monica Studios ) will take note of the many complaints from players, and that they will implement in the future an option to limit this type of behavior on the part of players. NPCs, even options to choose the level of help integrated into the environment or the HUD.

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