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Fortnite new map locations leaked

New locations have just been leaked by the famous data-miner Lucas7yoshi and they could be the new locations of Fortnite's Season 11 map. Here are the details of all the leaks!

New Fortnite Rocket leaked in Dusty Depot

A rocket about to be launched was discovered in the game files following the release of Patch v10.30. This time, the launch site is at Dusty Depot.

TFT — Patch 9.19 to introduce Void Ranger/Assassin Kai'Sa!

Did you enjoy the addition of Twisted Fate? Pantheon? Guess what, a new Champion will soon land onto the Convergence! Following patch 9.19, Kai'Sa will join Teamfight Tactics as a Void Ranger/Assassin! Check this out!

It's taco time in Fortnite!

Greasy Grove is the new rift zone that appeared during v10.30 update. In this new zone, it is possible to experience the whim of tacos in various ways!

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