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Grounded Juice Boxes: Map Location

In order to easily quench your thirst and to a lesser extent your hunger in Grounded, going to fill your water bottle is an excellent plan. Discovering them will also complete your map and give you a mutation. Here is a guide to find them quickly in the garden.

Grounded Bases: Best Positions to Build Them In?

One of the charms of Obsidian's game is the possibility of building lots of bases all over the garden, including in unexpected places, or places that are difficult to access. Each location has its pros and cons, and we've listed a few notable ones.

Grounded Wolf Spider: How to beat it?

This spider is the absolute terror of new players to Grounded, whether they are arachnophobic or not. She is huge, but very fast and agile. She can also jump high and poison with every attack. Here is a guide with tips and advice to win the fight.

Grounded 4-leaf clover: Position, how to reach it?

A secret flooded cave is hiding in the garden, inside is a four leaf clover that will unlock the flower executioner mutation. Here is a written guide, with a video and a precise map of its position, in order to find it.

Level 2 Grounded tools: How to unlock them?

Your progress will quickly be blocked by resources requiring a rank 2 ax or hammer, for example, which is quite complicated to obtain. Find out how to craft them as quickly as possible.

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