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Fire Emblem Three Houses: Jeritza, the new teacher of Cindered Shadows

Fire Emblem Three Houses: all you need for the game
Fire Emblem Three Houses: Jeritza, the new teacher of Cindered Shadows

Here is a lot of information about Jeritza, a rather shady instructor from the military academy of the monastery. He seems to think he is Joker from Persona. Class, statistics, characters, tastes, romance, and all useful information are gathered here.

Fire Emblem Three Houses: Jeritza, the new teacher of Cindered Shadows

We are done with the students of the Military Academy for the moment, but Japanese sources now present many teachers. They have a more important place than just training your little blond/green/pink heads.

Jeritza hadn't appeared anywhere before his announcement as a character in Fire Emblem Three Houses, which raises many questions about what lies beneath his mask.

Update : Since Patch 1.1.0, Jeritza is a free DLC character, recruitable under certain conditions.

General Information

Biography: Jeritza is a professor at the Military Academy, as well as an instructor of knife fighting. His main duty is therefore to train the students. He is mysterious, but his skills are very real. Caspar mentions at one point that he expected it to be Jeritza, whom his class was going to have as a new teacher.

Character: He hates being around other people, so much so that he immediately rejects any attempt at friendly conversation without the slightest hesitation.

Personal Competence: -20 Dodge for his target when he initiates the attack.

Recruitment: Since patch 1.1.0, he automatically joins your team if you have chosen the House of the Black Eagles and have joined the Edelgard camp.

Emblem: Minor Crest of Lamine

Starting class: Death Knight

Romance: A support of rank S is possible with both versions of Byleth if you have recruited him.

Relationships & romance

  • Supporters: Byleth, Mercedes, Constance
  • Favourite teas: Unknown
  • Lost Items: Unknown
  • Possible gifts: Owl feathers
  • Hobbies: Unknown

Spoilers on its identity, story and destiny

Attention, you will find below some important elements about the story of the game.

It's suggested after a few chapters that Jeritza is actually the Knight of Death, after rescuing Flayn, he only appears in this form in the game. Later on, if you have Mercedes and Caspar in your team, and you don't take the road to Edelgard, you will be entitled to a special appendix that will offer some answers. Jeritza is actually Mercedes' young half-brother, raised by Bartels. The events that led to his transformation into a Knight of Death are never detailed, but it is suggested that they were unpleasant. He has become ruthless and is visibly fascinated by death, the death of others and his own. His fate changes a little depending on the road he takes, but not significantly.

Black eagles and Edelgard's road: He assists you during the assault on the monastery during chapter 12. Since the patch, he automatically joins your team in the 2nd part of the game. Afterwards, you learn from Manuela that he has apologized to her for his past actions. He also has an appendix with Anna if you have his DLC. He is entitled to several different purposes depending on his materials.

Black Eagles and Rhea Road, or Golden Stags: The annex mentioned above can be made. At the end of the latter, he offers a relic of Lamine to Mercedes. The next meeting is at Fort Merceus, it draws your army forces out of the fort to save them from the bombardment of the Dark Snakes. He is met one last time during the assault on the capital, he is then simply killed.

Blue Lions: The appendix can be done, but the rest changes a little. A fight to the death takes place in Fort Merceus, once defeated, you get a small cutscene involving Mercedes, who is crying next to her brother's corpse.

Fire Emblem Three Houses: Class Change and abilities available in Cindered Shadows

Here is some additional information on how you can customize and prepare your students and troops in the Abyss in the Fire Emblem Three Houses Season Pass on Switch.


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