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Genshin Impact: Primogem Farming Guide

Genshin Impact: Primogem Farming Guide

Primogems are an essential resource in Genshin Impact, essentially allowing you to increase your roster through Fates and Wishes. Whether you want to put real money in the game or not, we explain how you can earn more.

Genshin Impact: Primogem Farming Guide

If you've launched Genshin Impact at least once since its launch, you'll know that Primogems are an essential currency.

They allow you to acquire Acquaint Fates and Intertwined Fates, which themselves will allow you to grant Wishes, or can be used to purchase Resin.

It's raining Primogems!

Well, not quite rain.

However, if you want to remain free-to-play - or at least limit your spending - here's what you can earn in terms of Primogems.




3,000 / month

Monthly Card

$5 / month

1,480 / month

Battle Pass

$5 / month

1,840 / month

Spiral Abyss


1,200 / month

Various Events


1,800 / month



No exact





No exact





If you are prone to gambling addiction or overspending on gacha games, we strongly advise you not to put real money into Genshin Impact, and seek assistance or support should you feel you need it.

The quantities listed in the table give a "fixed" total of 9,320 Primogems per month, providing you spend #10 of real money, or 4,840 Primogems if you choose to remain entirely free-to-play.

This figure will also increas based on what you collect through the Adventurer Handbook or as rewards for quests.

It's also possible to find Primogems in the chests you find during exploration, and for activating Teleport Waypoints and Statues of the Seven. You'll also earn Primogems for completing Achievements.

Thanks to the early success of the game, players will also be rewarded with 160 Primogems per day from September 29, providing they have reached Adventure Level 7. This will last until Update 1.1 goes live.

Simply log into the game (deadline: October 12, 2020) every day to claim the reward.

Finally, there is also a way to get Primogems and other rewards by redeeming these promo codes (which may be invalid depending on region).

Redeem Genshin Impact Promo Codes: Free Primogems and More!

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Genshin Impact: All Anemoculus location

Genshin Impact is full of things to discover and among them, there are the Anemoculus which you will use to improve the statues of the seven. Whether it is on PS4, PC, iOS or Android, you will have to rack your brains to obtain them.

Original content by Jérémie "Djey" Mathis.

Camille Chabroud

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Chris Russu 2 years ago

The math is all wrong. Abyss resets every 14 days so that is 1200 per month, IF you can clean all 12 floors.<br /> The battle pass lasts 45 days and costs 10$. While giving 680 Primogems, that is not 1480 per month...<br /> And various events are estimations. They will not give you 1000 primogems per month with their events, maybe 300-400 if they are going to be holding any at all.<br /> <br /> You are way too generous with these numbers and too optimistic. Mihoyo is not known for being generous with their premium currency.

Foxy33164 2 years ago

The codes don't work for America

Foxy33164 2 years ago

The codes don't work for America

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