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Apex Legends: tier list, ranking of the best Legends

Apex Legends: tier list, ranking of the best Legends

The Battle Royale of Respawn and Electronic Arts, Apex Legends has the particularity of having several heroes or "Legends". They have different tactical, passive and ultimate skills. But who is the best Legend? Discover our tier list to get the answer.

Apex Legends: tier list, ranking of the best Legends

With its first 8 heroes, Apex Legends has a "role play" dimension, not new but rare for a Battle Royale. The choice of your legend has a major impact on your squad's chances of survival. For the moment, it is only possible to launch a game with 3 players, which forces the "team play" to win the game.

Each of these "Legends" has three skills: tactical, passive and ultimate. As in any game that includes several heroes, a meta appears quite quickly and that's why we're trying here to determine which is the ideal tier list to end up champion of the Apex game.


This TL was established regarding our feelings on our different games: all the following content is therefore to be taken with a grain of salt and feel free to give us your opinion in the comments section so that we can establish together the ideal tier list.

Moreover, keep in mind that our "ranking" only takes into account the usefulness of the characters in the squad.



Ajay Che is the only healer in the game at the moment and this represents a considerable advantage since her D.O.C. Heal Drone allows you and your teammates to heal in an automatic and progressive way. This is useful in combat but not only because you will save your healing kits for the end of the game by healing yourself with the drone. Her ultimate, Care Package, will also give an advantage to your team as you progress in the game because with each use, you will be able to benefit from a drop containing top-of-the-range defensive equipment.

Lifeline Guide


Bangalore is as aggressive as she is defensive. Her Smoke Launcher ability allows her to launch a wall of smoke that allows her to protect herself as well as attack ennemies. In addition, when you are attacked, your passive Double Time increases your travel speed, allowing you to replace yourself quickly. Smoke Launcher combined with Double Time is a perfect combo in case of fight.

You also have your ultimate ability, Rolling Thunder, to summon an artillery strike on the battlefield. It will allow you to dislodge enemies who are hiding or to block pursuers trying to escape. At the end of a game, the ability is frightening because your enemies will probably have no place to protect themselves from it. Feel free to use your smoke on yourself to heal yourself or to resurrect an ally.

Bangalore Guide



Bloodhound has already proven his usefulness in a team through his ability to track ennemies. His passive ability allows him to see enemy footprints nearby and his tactical ability warns you if an enemy or trap is in front of you, even in buildings. But his main strength lies in his ultimate ability: Beast of the Hunt allows him to move faster and detect all the opponents who enter his field of vision. With such abilities, Bloodhound is a great asset to team up with.

Bloodhound Guide


Mirage is a difficult character to control but once in good hands, he can drive an enemy mad or even an entire squad. It is during fights that this illusionist shines with his unique lure and his ultimate allowing him to arrange several holograms before switching to furtive mode. His ability to divert attention from what is happening can surprise the opponent or dodge a fight in no time. Nevertheless, his passive ability, Encore!, is only useful on rare occasions.

Mirage Guide


Wraith is a formidable duelist. Her tactical ability Into the Void allows you to replace yourself quickly and prevents damage. Her passive ability Voices from the Void consists in hearing the voices of nearby enemies which allows you - combined with your tactical ability - to fool your opponents quite easily. Her ultimate ability Dimensional Rift connects two zones via portals for 60 seconds and allows your team to travel through it. Nevertheless, it is mainly her only use in a team because she is a loner character, amazing in 1v1.

Wraith Guide


This robot called Marvin or MRVN is the ideal guide to discover the map and understand the rhythm of the games. By accumulating as much information as possible thanks to his passive ability, Insider Knowledge, it allows you to see the next ring in the area. With Pathfinder in your squad, you will be able to move quickly to the next area using his Zipline Gun and Grappling Hook. Very useful at the beginning of the game, the potential of this hero is limited and other options are therefore more coherent.

Pathfinder Guide


Octane, the adrenaline nut is as nervous as he is fast, which makes him very strong in 1-to-1. His tactical ability Stim is a perfect combo with his passive ability Swift Mend. Indeed, his tactical ability consists in increasing his speed of movement by 30% against 10% of his health points while his passive ability allows him to regenerate his health points when not fighting. This way, you will be able to move quickly in the Kings' Canyon which will allow you to loot more and get ahead of your opponents at the beginning of the game. In addition, your ultimate ability Launch Pad allows you and your team to attack your opponents by jumping over it, which makes Octane extremely useful in 3v3. All his abilities combined together will allow Octane to be a formidable opponent by allowing him to take your opponents backwards very easily.

Octane Guide



Gibraltar is the tank of Apex Legends. If this heavyweight is a little slower than the other legends, his passive ability allows him to avoid adverse fire for a while when you aim. Thanks to his tactical ability, Dome of Protection, he can deploy a dome that protects his team from enemy attacks for 15 seconds. His ultimate, however, can be useful in dislodging opponents. Gibraltar's Defensive Bombardment, on the other hand, is not as powerful as Bangalore's one. In the end, his abilities combined with his slowness make him a hero, certainly coherent, but not essential.

Gibraltar Guide


It took us a few hours to understand the mechanics of the "Toxic Trapper", but once mastered, he proves to be formidable when it comes to taking control of an area. Thanks to his passive ability Nox Vision, Caustic can hide and see enemies through the gas released by his Nox Gas Traps which is something very useful to control a building, a supply...

Coupled with Lifeline's D.O.C. Heal Drone and Bangalore's Rolling Thunder, for example, Caustic's Nox Gas Grenade will allow you to trap an enemy squad. A character who can therefore be very useful.

Caustic Guide

Once again, this tier list is regularly modified and all your comments are welcome in order to establish a coherent tier list that can be used by as many people as possible.

Written by Robert "Marshall Gunner" Obéron. Translated from French by


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