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FFXIV Eureka Guide: How to Start Anemos in 2021

FFXIV Eureka Guide: How to Start Anemos in 2021

If you started to farm Eureka Anemos in FFXIV and feel a little lost, here are some tips to make sure you get a strong start.

FFXIV Eureka Guide: How to Start Anemos in 2021

The first few steps in Eureka are not the easiest as this Final Fantasy XIV instanced duty can be quite unforgiving sometimes, and even more if you play alone. In this guide, we'll cover two major points that will help you progress quickly in Eureka Anemos, the first map of Eureka.

If you missed our guide on how to unlock Eureka Anemos, please feel free to check it up here.

FFXIV Eureka Guide — Getting the gear

The most important thing to get before starting your progression in Eureka is to get a piece of armor that will greatly buff your stats. As your gear will be synced to ilvl 300, this chestplate will increase your elemental stats by quite a lot, making you hit harder and survive longer.

These pieces of equipment car be exchanged by talking to Nostalgic Fellow in Kugane (X: 7.8 Y: 14.2).

Depending on your class the token you will need to exchange can change:

  • Tanks and physical dps will need to exchange two Cryptic Seals
  • Casters and healers will need to exchange three Damascene Cloth

These items can be purchased to other players from the market board. Don't hesitate to check the prices from the servers of your Data Center to find the cheapest one. This investment is really worth it if you plan on completing Eureka.

FFXIV Eureka Guide — Leveling quickly

While this item will require some advanced materials to craft, you can purchase it from the market board easily as it's still quite cheap.

FFXIV Eureka Exp Buff — Potion of Harmony - Final Fantasy XIV
FFXIV Eureka Exp Buff — Potion of Harmony

This potion exists in two versions the normal and high-quality versions each with different duration:

  • The normal version will last for an hour.
  • The HQ version will last for 90 minutes.

Both versions will grant an additional 10% exp while farming in Eureka.

FFXIV Eureka Guide — A few tips

Once prepared to fight in Eureka with the mentioned items here are a few tips that helped me progress quickly:

  • Participate in as many FATEs as you can. These are called Notorious Monsters in Eureka.
  • If you manage to spawn an NM you can share it in the /shout chat to get some help.
  • If you want to participate in an NM don't hesitate to say you're on the way so that the other players don't kill the boss too quickly, you might even get a group invite.
  • Check the weather as some monsters (like sprites) only spawn under given conditions.
  • Clearing your challenge log is one of the fastest ways to get exp in Eureka.

We hope that this guide will help you prepare for your firsts steps in Eureka and if you have any questions on the duty, please feel free to let us know in the comment section below.

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