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Monster Hunter Rise: How to defeat Mizutsune

Monster Hunter Rise: How to defeat Mizutsune

Find out how to beat Mizutsune, the majestic dragon in Monster Hunter Rise who loves to play with bubbles. In this guide, we cover its weaknesses, and the best tips to beat it.

Monster Hunter Rise: How to defeat Mizutsune

The elegant Mizutsune was highly anticipated in Monster Hunter Rise, as it truly embodies the Japanese atmosphere with its theme music and fighting style. Nevertheless, it is a monster as beautiful as it is deadly, and it is likely to turn many a hunter's heads with all its slippery bubbles and devastating water jets.

Useful information

  • Difficulty: Intermediate
  • Area: Shrine Ruins
  • Monster Afflictions: Waterblight, Bubbleblight, Roar
Monster Hunter Rise: How to defeat Mizutsune - Monster Hunter Rise
Monster Hunter Rise: How to defeat Mizutsune


Start by searching the supply box near the starting point. Eat some rations or steaks to increase your maximum stamina.

Attract as many Spiribirds on you as possible. Other animals can be picked up for use in combat, such as the Escuregot or Toads. They are used as objects during combat.

Collecting additional consumables on the map might be a good idea, such as Green Herbs and Honey to automatically create Mega Potions. Berries would also be useful, they are recognizable by their blue color.

Monster Hunter Rise: How to defeat Mizutsune - Monster Hunter Rise
Monster Hunter Rise: How to defeat Mizutsune


  • Watch your afflictions, especially the water jets.
  • Mizutsune likes to roar quite regularly unless you block or perform an action with iframes at the right time. He almost always roars once you engage yourself in combat. You'll have to watch for animations for the next ones.
  • The bubbles thrown by Mizutsune are not very dangerous individually. If you are hit, you will accumulate malus and Mizutsune will become more and more uncontrollable. Having difficulty stopping or dodging is deadly when a big attack comes. If you accumulate too many foam charges, you will be completely blocked. The best thing to do is to use the consumable available in the supply box before you get there: Cleansers.
  • There is no reason to take the pink bubbles. You can take the red bubbles for a damage bonus, and the green bubbles for some healing. They will however accumulate the same malus as the normal bubbles.
  • Mizutsune's physical attacks are dangerous, but not overly so. He likes to charge, leap into the air before landing behind you and do big skids on its bubbles. As usual, manage your movements to avoid staying in front of him, unless your weapon is suitable.
  • What you really have to watch out for in this fight are the water jets. You can usually anticipate them a bit since the monster opens its mouth wide, but not to roar.
  • His last attack is the rarest, but also the hardest to dodge, is a long slide into the area accompanied by a continuous stream of water.
  • If you are hit by a water jet, you will be afflicted by a malus which will reduce your stamina restoration. Consider using a Berry to remove the effect, then a potion to restore your life. The Mizutsune can't kill you in one hit, but a bad combo of 2 or 3 hits is quite possible.
  • Try to stay close to Mizutsune and react quickly to the attacks. Destroy the head and the tail for more damage.

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