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Monster Hunter Rise: How to defeat Barroth

Monster Hunter Rise: How to defeat Barroth
Hunt the monster
  • Materials & Equipment

Confront the Barroth in Monster Hunter Rise, a monster who has a hard head and won't give you a second's peace.

Monster Hunter Rise: How to defeat Barroth

The Barroth is a step up from the first monsters in Monster Hunter Rise. You'll have to be a little more strategic and know where to attack.

The difficulty curve is obviously increasing now from the lesser monsters, with this one having an armored head and special techniques of which you'll have to be mindful.


  • Difficulty: 2 stars
  • Area: Sandy Plains
  • Monster Afflictions: Stun, Mud
  • Elemental weaknesses: Fire, Ice
  • Elemental resistances: Water, Thunder, Dragon
  • Weakness to Afflictions: Poison, Paralysis, Blast, Fireblight
  • Resistance to Afflictions: Willpower
Monster Hunter Rise: How To Defeat Barroth - Monster Hunter Rise
Monster Hunter Rise: How To Defeat Barroth

Getting Ready

  • Weapon type: Fire damage
  • Special Consumables: Healing Potion
  • Dangos: Defense

Barrels are optional; they can be used if you decide to break the head of the monster to get more rewards.

Monster Hunter Rise: How To Defeat Barroth - Monster Hunter Rise
Monster Hunter Rise: How To Defeat Barroth

Fight against the Barroth

Remember that the Barroth's strong point is its armored head, so unless you have a high-level weapon with a sharpness far superior to what you need for this hunt, your attacks will just bounce off it.

You can still break it with attacks and explosives, which will soften it up. Aim for the front legs, back legs, torso, and tail. Hammer and Hunting Horn users have to focus on the head when possible to stun the Barroth.

Don't stand in front of the Barroth, as it delivers huge headshots. Fortunately, it warns you well in advance by making a steam sound before charging. You can turn this against the monster by making it run into rock pillars or walls, which will stun it.

Monster Hunter Rise: How To Defeat Barroth - Monster Hunter Rise
Monster Hunter Rise: How To Defeat Barroth

This monster also likes to tailgate, which will occasionally annoy hunters positioned behind it.

The Barroth will sometimes snort, which will throw large piles of mud all around, and your hunter will be slowed for a few seconds if it runs through them.

When the Barroth changes area, it will usually try to reach a mud puddle to restore its armor and get ammunition. Ideally, you should try to prevent this by following it closely and attacking it relentlessly.

Finally, you should know that the Barroth has a roar, a technique common to many monsters and one which proves to be a real scourge for hunters since it paralyzes them for a few moments.

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