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Monster Hunter Rise: Haste Makes Waste Event Quest

Monster Hunter Rise: Haste Makes Waste Event Quest

Defeat Apex Arzuros in the new Monster Hunter Rise event quest, and obtain materials for the Cunning Specs Armor and Layered Armor.

Monster Hunter Rise: Haste Makes Waste Event Quest

A new event quest was added to Monster Hunter Rise on May 21. This rank 7 quest, "Haste Makes Waste", consists of hunting Apex Arzuros to obtain materials for the Cunning Specs Armor and Layered Armor.

Monster Hunter Rise
Monster Hunter Rise


To get the quest, you need to talk to Senri the Mailman, by selecting Add-on Content from the menu. Make sure you have installed the 3.0 update before trying to download it.

The quest takes place in the Flooded Forest and lasts about 50 minutes. It will require you to hunt Apex Arzuros.

  • The Apex Arzuros' attack is the same as that of the normal Arzuros, but with a longer range. Beware of his attacks and keep a good distance - you can also sneak up from behind.
  • His ranged attacks include a charge that is easy to avoid with a simple side dodge. He uses this when he is on all fours. If you play at distance, he will sometimes throw rocks at you.
  • The Apex Arzuros' favorite technique is a big double claw strike, as if he wanted to hug you. It's easy to see this coming since he uses it while standing and attacks in front of him.
  • Then comes a series of claw strikes, in which he will perform three or four uppercuts in a row while moving forward. You should not dodge backward, but laterally, to pass his blind spot and avoid the following blows. This can also allow you to attack him from the back.
  • The Apex Arzuros also likes honey, like other Arzuroses. He will probably steal some from your inventory and will eat it right away, so make sure to attack him when you get the chance!
Apex Arzuros

An Arzuros so mighty, it was crowned an Apex. It is eternally possessed by wrath and terror, possibly due to the myriad wounds that cover its body. Its forelegs are massive, deft removers of any who'd stand in their way. The call of an Apex unleashes its tortured anger on nearby beasts, driving them into a frenzy.


By completing this quest for the first time, you will obtain materials for the Cunning Specs Armor and Layered Armor. Also, the reward money is 17280z.

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