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New World: Fishing Guide

A gathering skill that will help you hunt down fish and other key resources, here's all you need to know about Fishing in Amazon's New World.

New World: Fishing Guide

Fishing is one of the Gathering Skills in Amazon's new MMO, New World.

It will help you seek out and obtain key resources that you can use to produce other refined products, and requires you to equip a Fishing Pole.

With plenty of fish to be found in the waters of Aeternum, you shouldn't find yourself short when levelling your Crafting skills!

Is Fishing for me?

If you're looking to increase your level in Cooking in particular, then you're going to need a whole lot of fish. This gathering skill turns you into a bit of an explorer as you hunt down rare catches.

To get started with finding fish, check out our dedicated guide.

If you're running a build that requires Focus, you'll get bonuses to your Fishing ability. You'll get this for every 50 points you have in the stat.

  • 50 Focus: +10% fishing line tension
  • 100 Focus: +10% yield when salvaging
  • 150 Focus: -10% decrease in weight of fishing items
  • 200 Focus: +10% fishing line tension
  • 250 Focus: +10% increase to caught fish size

Resources earned from Fishing

Basic Resources

There are two types of resource available from fishing:

  • Freshwater and saltwater fish
  • Treasure Chests

Treasure Chests are quite rare, but with a little practice and skill you'll be able to fish them up them quite often.

They'll grant you precious Ingots (Silver, Gold, Platinum), Gemstones, and Gold.

New World

Refined Resources

Refining your catches will grant you resources you can use in a plethora of crafting recipes. 

Examples include:

Fish Filet

Resource needed for Cooking recipes, including Meals and Rations.

Fish Oil

Resource needed for Cooking Oil or for Arcana recipes.

How to salvage fish in New World

To create Filets or Oils from your catches, simply go into your Inventory and Salvage the item. 

The default control is to hold the S key and click the item.

This will refine the fish into filets and oils, and grant Fishing experience.

How to get a Fishing Pole in New World

There are three different ways to obtain Fishing Poles in New World:

  • Crafting
  • Quest Rewards
  • Dropped by mobs or found in chests

To craft a Fishing Pod, head to the 

with all the components that the recipe requires. You will then just have to equip it so that you can unsheathe it on the edge of a stream.

Otherwise, it is possible to get a Legendary Fishing Rod by following the Fishing side quest which is outside of Gré-du-Vent, at the bottom of the waterfall. It will nevertheless be necessary to do a series of rather laborious tasks (15 quests in total) to obtain one of the legendary fishing rods. Then finally, you can find notable fishing rods on well-defined epic monsters . These so-called abandoned fishing rods are not the best, but have the merit of having unique skins, enough to make your fishing companions green with envy.

New World

How to get a Legendary Fishing Pole in New World

There are several different Legendary-quality Fishing Poles you can obtain, each with their own characteristics.

However, there's a lengthy quest line that guarantees a Legendary Fishing Pole at the end. Check out our guide:

New World Fishing Quest Guide: Obtain a Legendary Fishing Pole

There's a lengthy quest chain in New World that's exclusively for fishing enthusiasts, which rewards you with gear that offers bonuses to the skill. Is it worth it? Our guide reveals all.

Leveling your Fishing skill

Naturally, you will gain different amounts of experience for the fish you catch. A breakdown is as follows:

  • Common Fish: +100 XP (small), +110 XP (medium), +120 XP (large)
  • Uncommon Fish: +150 XP (small), +156 XP (medium), +163 XP (large)
  • Rare Fish: +175 XP (small), +188 XP (medium), +200 XP (large)
  • Legendary Fish: 550 XP

Prioritize bait (see below) that gives you bonuses to catching larger or rarer fish.

What are Fishing Hotspots in New World?

There are special areas that offer greater chances at rare catches. These are marked by fish jumping out of the water. 

You can find our guide to these below:

New World Fishing Hotspots Guide: How they work

Budding fishermen of Aeternum will want to head to special Fishing Hotspots, where you'll find more rare and valuable fish. This guide shows you where to look.

Fishing Bait in New World

There are several different types of bait in New World, some of which grant bonuses to your chances of catching bigger or rarer fish.

These are the baits you should focus on when looking for bigger fish:

Oyster Bait

Obtained when salvaging Oysters.

Large boost to chance to catch bigger fish in Freshwater.

Clam Baits

Obtained when salvaging Clams.

Medium boost to chance to catch bigger fish in Freshwater.

Meat Bait

Crafted via Cooking.

Small boost to chance to catch bigger fish in Freshwater.

Electric Eel Bait

Obtained when salvaging Electric Eels.

Large boost to chance to catch bigger fish in Saltwater.

Snail Bait

Obtained when salvaging Aquatic Snails.

Medium boost to chance to catch bigger fish in Saltwater.

Fish Bait

Obtained via Cooking. 

Small boost to chance to catch bigger fish in Saltwater.

How to get Fishing Bait in New World

For a better chance of catching fish in a stream or in the sea, you must equip a bait.

Press the 'R' (default) key to bring up the bait inventory, and select the bait you wish to use.

Bait can be sourced in several different ways:

  • From Treasure Chests. Supply Crates, and Provision Containers
  • Crafted via Cooking
  • When salvaging your Fishing catches
  • When harvesting Bushes or Bulrush
  • When collecting Flint, either during the day or at night

Make sure you equip the correct Freshwater or Saltwater bait for the waters in which you're fishing! 

New World Leveling Guide: How to farm XP and reach max level faster

Leveling is a a big part of any MMO, and New World doesn't make it easy with long quest chains and plentiful settlement tasks. We've put together this guide to help you reach max level quickly.

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