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New World: Weaving Guide

A refiining skill that will provide you with Linen and other key resources for crafting, here's all you need to know about Weaving in Amazon's New World.

Weaving is one of the Refining Skills in Amazon's new MMO, New World.

There's no prerequisite to getting started with this skill, just take the Fibers you collect while Harvesting in Aeternum to a Loom in a Settlement and off you go.

Be mindful that you'll need a higher level Loom to refine higher quality cloths, so make sure you visit a Settlement which has leveled up its workstations.

Is Weaving for me?

Armoring recipes in particular require a lot of different cloths, with Light Armor almost exclusively based on it. There are also Weaponsmithing, Engineering, and Furnishing recipes that require cloth, so Weaving becomes a refining skill of great importance.

It's a profession which has perfect synergy with the Harvesting gathering skill, being the primary provider of Fibers for refining.

Types of Cloths

Different base fibers become available when you reach cetain Harvesting milestones:

  • Fibers, from the Hemp plant: Harvesting Lv. 0
  • Silk Threads, from the Silkweed plant: Harvesting Lv. 100
  • Wirefiber, from the Wirefiber plant: Harvesting Lv. 175

Resources Received




Infused Silk


Where to find Cloth Weave for Weaving

You can obtain Cloth Weave -- Crossweave, Silkweave, and Wireweave -- for refining cloth in Supply Containers. This is a bit of a lottery as to how much and how often it drops, but as long as you're checking all crates while exploring you should pick up plenty.

You could also purchase it from the Trading Post, although this can quickly become a money sink. Given how easily it can be found with a little time, we wouldn't recommend this if the price seems high.

Should you find yourself in a bind, you can purchase Material Converters from your Faction Store. This one-time-use machine can be used at a Tier 3 or higher Loom, and is a reagent in a recipe that converts a stack of another refining material into Cloth Weave.

  • Common Material Converter: Used with 20 Tier 3 Refining Materials to create 15 Crossweave. Requires Weaving Skill Lv. 50, Loom Tier 3.
  • Advanced Material Converter: Used with 20 Tier 4 Refining Materials to create 15 Silkweave. Requires Weaving Skill Lv. 100, Loom Tier 4.
  • Masterwork Material Converter: Used with 20 Tier 5 Refining Materials to create 15 Wireweave. Requires Weaving Skill Lv. 150, Loom Tier 5.
New World: Harvesting Guide

A gathering skill that will help you hunt down plants and other key resources, here's all you need to know about Harvesting in Amazon's New World.

How to craft Phoenixweave

The pinnacle of Weaving resources, Phoenixweave is a key component when crafting Legendary-quality armor and weapons. 

This cloth will take a significant amount of grinding for the resources.Apply every buff you can to increase your Luck when farming for these materials.

Infused Silk

Obtained through Weaving.


○ x8 Wirefiber
○ x2 Silk
○ 1x Cloth Weave

Requires Weaving Skill Lv. 150 and Loom Tier 5.


Rare drop from Wirefiber plants and Supply Crates.

Like all Tier 5 resources, you'll need a ton of Luck.

Craft the Starmetal Botanist's Charm into your Sickle, display a Harvesting Gathering Trophy in your house, and consume Corn-based dishes.

NOTE: 1,000 Luck corresponds to a 1% chance of a rare drop -- using the best trophy and consuming the best food will add 3,400 points alone.

Tier 5 resources require a 1,800 Luck threshold before they even become available to drop.


Rare drop from Wirefiber plants and Supply Crates.

Again, follow the Luck-boosting advice listed above.


You'll find this in Supply Containers in Lv. 56+ zones.

Level up your Weaving Trade Skill

There's no real secret to leveling up refining trade skills -- you just need to keep refining the resources you get from Harvesting into the various types of cloth.

Naturally, higher level refining will grant more Trade Skill XP past certain milestones, usually when the next recipe is unlocked. For example, it's better to refine Wirefiber into Infused Silk than Fibers into Linen, once that becomes available, even if additional resources are required for the process.

New World Leveling Guide: How to farm XP and reach max level faster

Leveling is a a big part of any MMO, and New World doesn't make it easy with long quest chains and plentiful settlement tasks. We've put together this guide to help you reach max level quickly.

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