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Cavern of Echoes Diablo Immortal: Dungeon set

Cavern of Echoes Diablo Immortal: Dungeon set

Unveiled during the second phase of testing of the mobile game Diablo, this instance is located in the Frozen Tundra. You will have to fight against the cold and the polar bears in order to obtain the Iceburn Tear. Here is a presentation of this level 51 dungeon, full of loot and XP.

Cavern of Echoes Diablo Immortal: Dungeon set

This Diablo Immortal Dungeon is located in the 8th zone of the game: the Frozen Tundra. With a recommended level of 51 , it will pit you against hordes of Yetis, Polar Bears, Wolves, and Ice Clan Goatmen, among others.

Cavern of Echoes

As its name suggests, this dungeon is a long cave full of enemies, with walls of ice that regularly block the way, and that will have to be demolished one way or the other. The area is very linear, but it has some interesting elements in its level design like a boss that destroys the ice floor, causing the party to fall into another level of the cavern.

Diablo Immortal

Progress in the cave by killing the enemies encountered until you run into the first wall of ice, which can be destroyed simply by interacting with it. The next room is a dead end, and the first boss will make its entrance: Bloodrime, a huge yeti that is incredibly violent and has an icy breath as well as many physical attacks. It has a big jump that will crush players at the point of impact, which will weaken the ice. After a few blows, it will collapse, which begins the second phase. In the new cave, he will roll and crush the players in his path, try to position yourself on the sides so as not to be in his path.

Enemies encountered will change a bit, and will now be mostly made up of Ice Clan soldiers. Some natural obstacles will also block your path, such as a chasm or blocks of ice, but they can be crossed easily by interacting with nearby objects (by attacking them in general).

You must also be wary of the rain of stalactites of ice which will freeze you for a few seconds. Fortunately it doesn't hurt very much, and your teammates can free you, but it's still painful.

Diablo Immortal

Icy Colossus Boss

This boss is going to make extensive use of ice, as the name suggests. It gives a few kicks to nearby targets, but it will mostly use spells. One of his favorite techniques is a kind of ice orb summoned in front of him, it will project several waves of frost bolts 360° around it. It is easier to dodge them by positioning yourself at a distance.

The boss will then take refuge under the ice and use 3 techniques at the same time. It uses rotating frost beams that force you to spin around the room with them (place yourself more towards the center, but not too close either to dodge them more easily). It will also cause spikes of ice to sprout from the ground, their position is indicated by blue circles. You can hide behind these spikes to protect yourself from the rays . Finally, he will summon small enemies to kill to end the phase : icy constructions.

It will come out of the ground by spouting concentric circles of ice spikes, you have to position yourself between two waves.

When he returns under the ice, he will unleash 3 frost beams instead of 2, and more icy spikes. Taking refuge behind the spikes is easier than running in this case, but be careful, it breaks quickly. Once again, you have to kill the enemies for the boss to emerge, which will allow you to finish it off.

Set Items

Like all dungeons, the Cavern of Echoes contains set (green) items that can be found on Hell difficulty 1 and above. As it is quite complex and divided between the different difficulty levels, we invite you to consult our guide to item sets. There is one piece of each set available in this dungeon, 2 per difficulty mode.

  • Cut : Exemplar's Urge - Caverns of Echoes (Hell 1)
  • Feet : The Tyrant - Caverns of Echoes (Hell 1)
  • Hands : Bloody Hand - Caverns of Echoes (Hell 2)
  • Neck : Mountebank's Flourish - Caverns of Echoes (Hell 2)
  • Finger : Issatar Undone - Cavern of Echoes (Hell 4)
  • Finger : Braided Serpent of Shal'baas - Cavern of Echoes (Hell 4)
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