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LeBron James MultiVersus: Moves, assets... How to play him?

LeBron James MultiVersus: Moves, assets... How to play him?

Basketball legend LeBron James is available as a playable character in the Multiversus Open Beta roster. Between his character class, the best perks to equip, and the full list of his moves and skills, here's everything there is to know about this character.

LeBron James is a Bruiser class character in MultiVersus. To unlock it, you will have to pay either 2000 gold coins, 700 Gleamium or 1 character ticket . His skills are all based on or around techniques with his Basketball.

LeBron James

Overcoming the odds and empowering his allies is a way of life for LeBron James, winning multiple NBA titles, MVPs and Olympic Gold medals while being known as the ultimate teammate around the world. However, even one of the best players in NBA history couldn't anticipate the consequences of turning down the egocentric AI “Al-G Rhythm.” Thrown on a world-hopping adventure through the “Server-verse,” LeBron teamed up with Bugs Bunny to lead the legendary Tune Squad to save his son from Al-G in the ultimate Space Jam. Now, facing a new threat, LeBron looks to use his world-class playmaking skills to help his new friends defend their worlds.


Passive Skills

  • LeBron will get a Basketball if he hits an enemy while he doesn't have one in his hand.
  • If LeBron hits an ally with his Projectile Basketball, it will attach to them. When the ally in question makes a directional attack, they will shoot the Basketball attached to them in the direction of their attack .
  • If the Basketball hits an enemy, it will bounce upwards, allowing LeBron to perform an alley-oop attack.

Ground Attacks

  • Neutral : LeBron CHARGES a shoulder check where he dashes forward, gaining ARMOR throughout. Without a BASKETBALL, he will CHARGE a push.
  • Laterals: LeBron does a COMBO of swipes sending him into the air and end with an alley-oop. Without a BASKETBALL, he will do a forward steal.
  • Top: LeBron spins his BASKETBALL on his finger. Without a BASKETBALL, he will leap upward and swipe.
  • Bottom: LeBron sweeps his BASKETBALL around his ankles, hitting multiple times. Without a BASKETBALL, he will slam his hands downward.

Air Attacks

  • Neutral : LeBron sweeps his BASKETBALL around his hips. Without a BASKETBALL, he pounds his chest pushing enemies away.
  • Fullbacks : LeBron will pound his BASKETBALL. Without a BASKETBALL, he will do a forward steal.
  • Top : LeBron will alley-oop his BASKETBALL. Without a BASKETBALL, he will swipe overhead.
  • Bottom : LeBron tosses his BASKETBALL through his legs. Without a BASKETBALL, he will swipe downward.

Special Moves

  • Neutral: LeBron will aim then throw his BASKETBALL as a PROJECTILE. He can even aim behind himself. Without a BASKETBALL, LeBron will summon a new one. COOLDOWN applies to summoning a BASKETBALL.
  • Laterals :LeBron will launch into the air then dunk his BASKETBALL downward, creating a shockwave PROJECTILE on the ground that deals WEAKENED and destroys his BASKETBALL. Without a BASKETBALL, he will shoulder charge forward. If LeBron's ally has thrown his BASKETBALL and it has hit an enemy, LeBron will instead warp to the ball's location then perform the dunk.
  • Up: LeBron will shoot his BASKETBALL upward as a PROJECTILE. He can CHARGE to delay the throw. Without a BASKETBALL he will throw chalk upward.
    Aerial : Similar to ground, but LeBron will shoot upward before throwing the BASKETBALL. Without a BASKETBALL, he will shoot upward and swipe.
  • Bottom : LeBron will slam his BASKETBALL as a PROJECTILE down into the ground, bouncing it into the air. Without a BASKETBALL he will create a fence PROJECTILE that blocks incoming PROJECTILES. If a projectile is blocked, LeBron will regain his BASKETBALL.
    Aerial : Similar to ground, but LeBron will slam his BASKETBALL through a hoop before shooting it downward.

Which perksto choose?

  1. Keep Possession (Unlocked Tier 12) : This perk increases LeBron's survivability, allowing him to stay in battle longer and knock out enemies before him.
  2. Hot Hands (Unlocked Tier 8): This is the best asset for team matches, as you can keep the ball constantly burning with each successful sight pass.
  3. Make It Rain, Dog (unlocked Tier 2): Allows you to increase LeBron's ball speed by equipping this perk. He will thus be able to chain more combos using his balloon.
  4. Gravity Manipulation (Tier 4 unlocked): LeBron's vertical attacks are better than his horizontal attacks. You can increase their damage by using this perk to deal more damage when knocking opponents up.
  5. For Three! (unlocked level 10): This perk will increase ball damage since passes, throws and dunks are considered ranged attacks.
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