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Bugs Bunny MultiVersus: Moves, Perks... How to play it?

Bugs Bunny MultiVersus: Moves, Perks... How to play it?

Bugs Bunny is one of the playable characters in the current roster of MultiVersus, the new Smash Bros. like from Warner Bros. studios. Here's a guide to the world's most famous cartoon rabbit.

Bugs Bunny is a Mage/Hybrid class character in MultiVersus. To unlock it, you will have to pay either 2000 gold coins, 700 Gleamium or 1 character ticket .

Bugs Bunny

One of pop culture’s most enduring icons, Bugs is a movie star, action hero, and sports legend with a career spanning over half a century. With plenty of Multiverse experience under his belt and a long history of team-ups, Bugs is arguably one of the least-fazed fighters in the face of this multiversal mayhem. He’s humble about it, but this smart aleck rabbit has been yukking it up on screens small and large since before most of these other fighters could walk. Armed with his wits and a few ACME-brand accessories, he’s ready to let loose the looniness.

Passive Skills

  • While crouched, Bugs Bunny will pull a box that spawns a random ITEM and launch it towards Bugs' nearest ally. COOLDOWN applies.

Ground Attacks

  • Neutral : CHARGE a mallet swing.
  • Sides : A spinning COMBO of punches that BREAKS ARMOR.
  • High : CHARGE an upward kick.
  • Down : With pie equipped, press input again to throw pie PROJECTILE. The pie HEALS allies it passes through and applies SLOW to enemies it hits. Bugs Bunny can throw multiple pies until he runs out of AMMO.

Air Attacks

  • Neutral : Bugs Bunny does a persistent spinning punch that hits rapidly.
  • Laterals : CHARGE a forward kick.
  • Top: Bugs Bunny delivers an upward baseball bat swing.
  • Bottom : Throws a pie PROJECTILE if equipped; otherwise, he does a downward mallet swing.

Special Moves

  • Neutral: Ground: Bugs Bunny drops a target for a safe PROJECTILE to fall a few seconds later. The safe can be hit, hurtling it into enemies. When destroyed, the safe breaks and drops an ITEM. COOLDOWN applies.
    Aerial : Similar to ground, except Bugs Bunny paints the safe into reality, spawning it sooner.
  • Sides: Ground :Bugs Bunny blows a kiss that applies CHARMED to enemies, stunning them. Kissing an ally ENRAGES them, making their next attack apply maximum STACKS of WEAKENED.
    Aerial : Similar to ground, except the rocket moves forward and can be ridden by Bugs Bunny and his ally as a platform. This move shares COOLDOWN with Grounded Up Special.
  • Top: Ground : Bugs Bunny launches a rocket PROJECTILE upward with a COOLDOWN. The rocket will fall back to the arena later. Allies can grab onto the rocket as a wall. On COOLDOWN, Bugs will use his ears to helicopter upward.
  • Bottom: Ground : Bugs Bunny burrows and is INVULNERABLE as he moves underground. Soon after, he shoots up and attacks, leaving tunnels where he started and ended burrowing. Bugs can exit the tunnel early by jumping. Allies that crouch over a tunnel will teleport to the partnered tunnel. COOLDOWN applies.
    Aerial : Similar to ground, but Bugs Bunny will dive towards the ground before starting to burrow.

Which assets to choose?

  1. Comin' Through Doc (Tier 8 Unlocked) -- This perk allows Bugs and his allies to create shockwaves upon exiting tunnels. Very good at dealing damage to enemies trying to keep their distance.
  2. Deadshot -- Most of Bugs attacks are ranged, this perk increases damage.
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