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Maui Disney Dreamlight Valley: Friendship and story quests, how to complete them?

Maui Disney Dreamlight Valley: Friendship and story quests, how to complete them?

Here you will find the walkthrough for all of Maui's missions in Disney Dreamlight Valley: from the trap on the pier to eels transformed into coconuts, including earthworms and improving your pickaxe to break corals and release sand !

Maui Disney Dreamlight Valley: Friendship and story quests, how to complete them?

Disney Dreamlight Valley is finally released this Tuesday, September 6, 2022 in Early Access on all platforms. The opportunity for you to discover this magical world and restore it by finding lost Disney and Pixar characters. All means are good: whether it's exploring the open world by unlocking the passages of nocturnal thorns thanks to the Dreamlight, or going through the castle and its magic paintings. Today we are going to focus on Maui.

Introducing Maui

It was in 2016 that the animated feature film Vaiana: The Legend of the End of the World was released. The plot of the film is freely inspired by figures from Polynesian mythology and takes us on an adventure with Moana and Maui who must do everything to restore the heart of the goddess before the islands rot for good. For his part, Maui is a demigod who had chosen to offer the famous heart to humans, which generated several problems afterwards.

Disney Dreamlight Valley

Unlock Maui, her house and her rewards by friendship level

Maui only unlocks when you activate the Realm of Vaina table in the Castle of Dreams. You will need to complete the Realm Quest "After the Storm" to be able to talk to him. Another kingdom quest dedicated to Maui will then engage "The Great Maui". The two quests are closely related since they will allow you to unlock both characters.

  • The Maui house can be placed on the ocean, at the Enchanted Beach.

    Below are the rewards Maui gives you at each friendship tier. Level 10 is the maximum you can reach. Then, it will no longer be useless to make him gain experience, but it will always be more advantageous to take him to accompany you on an excursion since his bonuses will be higher.

Disney Dreamlight Valley

Maui is a very useful character who will allow you to upgrade your pickaxe twice to break beach corals if you follow his kingdom and friendship quests.

The Greater Maui

kingdom quest

It is imperative to complete the Moana Kingdom quest in order to advance with Maui. The objective of this quest will be to repair Moana's canoe. For this, Maui will directly upgrade your pickaxe so that you can break the corals that are hindering the canoe on the beach. You will see that by breaking corals, you get sand, very useful for other quests in order to craft glass in particular.

For the sequel, you will need to complete the Moana kingdom quest and bring her to the village before returning to the kingdom and talking to Maui.

Disney Dreamlight Valley
Disney Dreamlight Valley

A feast fit for a demigod

Kingdom Quest 2

In order to convince Maui to come and settle in Dreamlight Valley like Moiana, you will have to prepare 3 dishes for her at least 3 stars. You can check the list of recipes to help you. He will then give you his cave which you will have to place in the water, at the Enchanted Beach. It will cost you 5000 coins to build it.

Disney Dreamlight Valley
Disney Dreamlight Valley

Bury the eel

friendship quest 1

Once installed, Maui will offer you its first extremely useful friendship quest. A bit complex, we have concocted a special guide on this quest below with how to get worms, make a trap and place it near the pier: all to catch an eel and turn it into a coconut tree !

A story of stone and fire

Friendship quest 2 - level 4

Talk to Maui and follow him to Enchanted Beach. This quest is once again very important since it will allow you to strengthen your Pickaxe in order to break tougher corals. Go to the Kingdom of Moiana to search the basket next to the canoe: collect the contents and bring it back to Maui.

Then prepare a bouillabaisse for him and wait for him to strengthen your deck. Go test it on the large coral debris on the beach. You can now release chests and even more sand!

Disney Dreamlight Valley
Disney Dreamlight Valley

Now Maui will want to build a granite fire pit with the following materials:

  • 20 sand
  • 25 stone
  • 10 coal ores
  • 3 red falling penstemon (easily found at the Esplanade)
Disney Dreamlight Valley

Demigod of Wind and Sun

Friendship quest 3 - level 7

This time, Maui will want to make 3 kites with:

  • 18 softwood
  • 30 fibers (use seaweed)

    Use your workbench to craft them. Maui will then want you to give one to Goofy, one to Wall-E, and one to Merlin. Then follow Maui to the missing island (the small islet with the skull-shaped cliff on Enchanted Beach). Locate the red circle in the water and fish for a limestone stone.

Disney Dreamlight Valley
Disney Dreamlight Valley

The heart of Dreamlight Valley

Friendship Quest 4 - Level 10

In addition to level 10 with Maui, you will need to progress fully with Merlin and have unlocked the Forest of Courage, the Frozen Heights and the Forgotten Lands. Using the scrapers you collected in the previous quest, go to your workbench and remove the crust from the limestone in the "Functional Items" tab.

Now go to the Castle of Dreams and take the stairs to climb to the very top: you will see a fountain. Go around to find a piece on the ground. Get out and go talk to Merlin.

Disney Dreamlight Valley
Disney Dreamlight Valley

In order to repair the heart of Dreamlight Valley, you will need the following materials:

  • 3 Purified Nightshards
  • 1 Water from the Forgotten Lands (look for the glitter at the edge of the pond),
  • 1 Frozen Heights Water (spot the glitter on the ground by the bottom river)

    Then use the workbench to repair the heart in the "Potion and Enchantment" section.

Disney Dreamlight Valley
Disney Dreamlight Valley
Disney Dreamlight Valley

Go and place the heart in the hand of the fountain statue at the very top of the castle. Nothing will actually happen after that but the quest with Maui will be over.

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