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Disney Dreamlight Valley Fox: Where to find it, how to tame the beast easily?

Disney Dreamlight Valley Fox: Where to find it, how to tame the beast easily?

After seeing the crocodiles of Dreamlight Valley in detail, we move on to the charming little foxes that frolic in the snowy regions of the valley. In this guide we will see how to tame them thanks to their favorite food and the number of different species.

Disney Dreamlight Valley doesn't necessarily have the content density of Animal Crossing New Horizons, but it still offers a few small side activities that will allow you to better enjoy the island you are on. Taming different types of animals is one of those perks, and each biome on the map has its own species that you can coax with the right ingredients and sometimes a little trickery. In this new critter guide, we'll be covering all things fox-related.

Where to find foxes and how many there are?

Location of foxes and colors

The little foxes that look like they've come straight out of Rox and Rouky are all hiding in the coldest area of Dreamlight Valley . Before explaining the very simple method to tame them, let's first see together all the types that you will come across during your exploration and what food to give them to attract their favor to you.

  • There are 6 different fox colorways at the moment, including one exclusive to the Early Access Ultimate Edition.
  • You can find foxes in the Snowy Heights biome on the map.
white fox

Available Monday Thursday and Saturday all day.

Food: salmon or white sturgeon

Sunday : noon to midnight.

blue fox

Available Tuesday Thursday and Friday all day. He likes to eat crab (blue circle in the icy heights).

Sunday : midnight to noon.

classic fox

Available Monday Wednesday and Friday all day.

Food: salmon or white sturgeon

Sunday : midnight to noon.

black fox

Available Tuesday Wednesday and Saturday all day. Love white sturgeon.

Food: salmon or white sturgeon

Sunday : noon to midnight.

red fox

Available Saturday from 2:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m.

Food: salmon or white sturgeon

royal fox

Founder's Pack Reward - Ultimate

What food to use?

  • The fox loves sturgeon, salmon, or crabs: you can catch them in their spawn area without too much trouble, although sturgeons are harder to catch .

How to tame the fox easily?

The way to tame foxes is ultimately quite simple to apply once you know what to do , unlike other species, such as crocodiles, which can be more complicated to catch.

  1. Approach the fox slowly.
  2. Arriving near him, the animal will run away
  3. Repeat the action 3 times, after that it should not move
  4. Do not move until he lowers his head slightly to the ground,
  5. Give him his favorite food

Important : feeding an animal does not guarantee that you will get it into your collection so that it becomes your companion. You have a small chance of this happening and only one try per day!

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