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Disney Dreamlight Valley turtle: Where to find it, How to tame the critter easily?

Disney Dreamlight Valley turtle: Where to find it, How to tame the critter easily?

Find out everything there is to know about the sea turtles of Disney Dreamlight Valley, a critter available in the Sunny Beach biome in the southeast of the map: how to tame it, what its favorite food is... All of these questions are answered in this guide.

It's time to sunbathe in the chapter of our walkthrough dedicated to the different critters of Disney Dreamlight Valley. Head for the sunny beach and its 5 colors of sea turtles that you can tame by feeding them with seaweed . In this short guide, you will learn everything there is to know about the only sea animal currently available on the Animal Crossing Disney version.

Where to find sea turtles and how many there are

Location / times of sea turtles and colors

Here is the general information to know about this creature :

  • You can find sea turtles in Sunny Beach.
  • There are 5 different types of sea turtles .

    The sea turtle is logically on the beach, but you will have to respect the appearance times to cross the different colors.

black sea turtle

Monday : 10 a.m. to 4 a.m.

brown sea turtle

Available Monday Wednesday and Friday all day.

Sunday : midnight to noon.

Classic sea turtle

Available Monday Thursday and Saturday all day.

Sunday : noon to midnight.

white sea turtle

Available Tuesday Wednesday and Saturday all day.

Sunday : noon to midnight.

purple sea turtle

Available Tuesday Thursday and Friday all day.

Sunday : midnight to noon.

What food to use?

  • The turtles' favorite food is seaweed and you can easily get it by searching the Sunny Beach biome.

How to tame the sea turtle easily?

Turtles are quite easy to tame , you just need to be a little patient when you want to feed them, but it should be quite easy.

  1. Approach her slowly.
  2. Once you see her head in, stop moving.
  3. After a few seconds she should show the end of her face
  4. Give him his favorite food

Important : feeding an animal does not guarantee that you will get it into your collection so that it becomes your companion. You have a small chance of this happening and only one try per day!

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