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God of War Ragnarok Plains Crystals: Where to find them, how to use them?

God of War Ragnarok Plains Crystals: Where to find them, how to use them?

Upon reaching the crater north of Vanaheim, Kratos will discover strange crystals, with an unknown use. Find out all the info about them in this God of War 2022 guide as well as the wishing well. Together they provide armor, materials and a lot of money.

The end of God of War Ragnarok is slowly approaching, but there is still a lot to do. Setting foot in the crater north of Vanaheim can be daunting, since the area is much larger than expected. There are tons of bosses on all sides, puzzles to solve with the day/night cycle, the water supply to manage and above all: mysterious orange crystals can be found everywhere.

God of War: Ragnarok

Use of Plains Crystals

Mimir will harp on you about these crystals every time you pick up more, which is a bit of a pain. Fortunately, they are indeed useful, since you can throw them into the wishing well , which is in the middle of the region. By standing on the small platform and interacting with it, all the crystals are thrown at once , which will automatically exchange them for various rewards.

God of War: Ragnarok

Where to find the wishing well?

This special area can be reached from different places. You can find access via the sinkholes in the northeast of the region, after defeating a dragon that is blocking your way. The alternative is to go through the jungle, which requires restoring water to the area. Go to the Jungle Dam to open the floodgates. Then, use your canoe to dock on the side of the area with the boulder-throwing ogre. It is necessary to use the platform safe from its attacks, then to pass by the fault. Kill the ogres, then take the boat back, in order to open the door opposite, by pulling on the chain.

The great hall of the wishing well is connected to quite a few areas of the region, we can especially appreciate its door to the west, which unlocks a shortcut to the mystical portal of the crater, by unrolling the chain.

God of War: Ragnarok
God of War: Ragnarok


As all crystals are immediately converted into rewards, it is difficult to give you the quantities required for each item, or the ratios. Be aware, however, that the well is very generous, and that you can continue to bring the crystals back to it. It is the main source of high-level materials and money , before completing the game, to upgrade your equipment to level 8 or even 9. Here is a list of the rewards:

  • Asgardian ingots
  • luminous alloy
  • petrified bones
  • Purified crystals
  • Brilliant crystals
  • Sparkling crystals
  • A lot of money
  • Yggdrasil Amulet Enchantments
  • Fallen Stars Armor Set (3 pieces)
God of War: Ragnarok
God of War: Ragnarok
God of War: Ragnarok

find the crystals

The problem now is to find the famous crystals. To offer you a map would not be of great interest, since there are really maps everywhere in the crater and the plain. There are also more than you need to unlock the main rewards. So there is no need to be afraid of missing a few. If you explore the area methodically, aiming for 100% or so, you should encounter the majority of crystals.

The crystals are easily recognizable by their orange color, so they tend to catch the eye. Know that there are many crystals hung on the top of the walls, and even on the ceiling . We suggest you look up and take a look around in each room, and in each tunnel, the developers have often had fun hiding crystals in this kind of corner. All that remains is to throw your ax to knock them out, before picking up the pieces.

After restoring the water in the river, navigate to the starting area, the water will give you access to new interesting places, full of rewards and crystals. The same goes for the hidden dragon at the sinkholes, with the last ingredient and a flower. Thoroughly explore each branch of the river, and raise the gates.

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