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Endgame God of War Ragnarok: 8 things to do after the endgame

Endgame God of War Ragnarok: 8 things to do after the endgame

There you go, you've seen the end credits for this new God of War, and now you can tackle all the side quests you've left out on your journey. In this guide we will see 8 big activities to complete in this final phase of the game.

Endgame God of War Ragnarok: 8 things to do after the endgame

God of War (2018) was already loaded with "endgame" side content, between the Niflheim rogue-lite, the trials of Muspelheim and the quest for the valkyries, there was really something to do and it really triggered new dialogues. In God of War Ragnarok the developers have pushed this aspect even further, reserving many activities for you to complete once the end credits have passed, let's see together what will keep you busy for several more hours of play.

The Crucible of Muspellheim

He is back ! The famous crucible and its hardcore trials allowing you to collect burning embers to improve some of the best armor in the adventure is waiting for you. You will collect the seeds allowing access to this part of the kingdom of Muspellheim naturally during the game, in two legendary chests. The way the trials work has changed compared to God of War (2018).

The 12 berserkers and their king

You will recover a sword handle in the chapter A Word of Destiny which will be used to activate the tombstones scattered all over the game kingdoms. One or more berserkers will come out of it to put your combat skills to the test. Once you clear all 12, you can challenge the Berserker King, one of the ultimate bosses in the game. As with Gna, having scoured the game content well and collected the set of sleeping troll statues should noticeably increase your chances of victory against this brute.

Gna the Valkyrie Queen

God of War Ragnarok's ultimate boss is still a valkyrie, and this queen is even saltier than her colleague from the previous game. To hope to defeat her in maximum difficulty, you will have to reach level 9 which is the milestone of this episode and it is therefore strongly recommended to have completed all the rest of the additional content before embarking on this fight.

The remains of Asgard

The ragnarök will disseminate the kingdom of Asgard to the four winds and powerful einherjär will keep the last vestiges of their native land . Here again you will have to explore the 9 kingdoms again to find them and clear them so that the world can find some semblance of peace. These are most often packs of mobs to eliminate, however the one in Niflheim has a little surprise in store for you, with an adjoining mini-zone to explore: the latter notably contains a relic and a norn chest, so it is highly recommended advised to go there as soon as possible.

God of War: Ragnarok

Services to be completed

Some quests in the game can only be completed after seeing the end of it. You will therefore have to go back everywhere , looking for the objectives that you have not yet completed. One thinks in particular of the kingdoms in bloom, some of whose specimens can only be reached once the seed of Ratatoskr is in your hands: the latter unlocks new accesses in all the kingdoms and new passages are to be unlocked: access to the Jarnsmida Mine by the Core, for example, can only be completed after gaining access to the Draupnir Spear. This path is accessible before the end of the game, but chances are you won't leave it until you focus on the berserker quest.

Characters to review

Scenario level, you still have a few little narrative treats to discover during your umpteenth crossing of the worlds, such as the “secret” end which will scroll through the entire credits. Secondary characters will appear everywhere and you will surely come across them during your exploration, which will give you some clues as to what we can imagine for their future. The biggest surprise is in Niflheim, in the debris of Asgard which has collapsed : it is downright the prison of the kingdom and a certain character has been locked up there, we let you discover which one.

The Gaps of Hel

This is a Helheim service that will only be unlocked very late in the adventure and it is very likely that you will only finish it after seeing the end credits scroll , even if they are accessible before. Hel's breaches are survival arenas, in which kratos will have to stand alone against groups of more or less formidable enemies until Freya or Atreus manage to close them.

The quest for the platinum trophy

For completers of all stripes looking to milk the game's content down to the smallest square inch of the 9 kingdoms of Norse mythology, our comprehensive guide to the game's trophies should help you pick up the few accolades you're missing to reach the platinum, with links to our most relevant guides to completing your 100% mission. There is a lot to do, but in fact nothing very complicated, since none of the trophies on the list are linked to the different difficulty modes.

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