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Overview of Call of Duty Modern: Warfare team Deathmatch mode

All About Modern Warfare
Overview of Call of Duty Modern: Warfare team Deathmatch mode

If there is a game mode that remains timeless on FPS, it's all about Team Deathmatch. This is the default game mode for all war video games and success is always present!

Overview of Call of Duty Modern: Warfare team Deathmatch mode

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare's Team Deathmatch has not changed in a long time. It remains one of the most played modes by players. Whether it is to adjust your weapon, to develop strategies or even just for fun with friends, this team mode is a success.

The goal is the same: to win by reaching the top of the scoreboard in a given time. If the time is up, the team with the most points wins the game. Each elimination brings 1 point to your team.

Team Deathmatch

Game mode details:

Game duration: 10 minutes

Score limit: 75 points

Group size: 1-6 players

Individual XP

XP details:

Kill: 100 points

Hand-to-hand kill: 115 points

Assist: 25 points

Accessory assist: 20 points

The number of points does not depend on the bonuses you can receive during your game. We can take the example of the "1st elimination" bonus which provides approximately 30 additional points.

Stay tuned for news and guides to learn more about Modern Warfare's Beta!

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