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WoW: Seventh build for Shadowlands alpha deployed

WoW: Seventh build for Shadowlands alpha deployed

After more than a month of rolling out successive builds, a seventh build of the World of Warcraft Alpha: Shadowlands has appeared on the launcher.

WoW: Seventh build for Shadowlands alpha deployed

While employees of Blizzard Entertainment were recently instructed to telecommute because of the sanitary measures undertaken by the American government to fight against the Coronavirus , the Builds dedicated to the Alpha of World of Warcraft: Shadowlands continue to be deployed.

Seventh in a series started on Thursday, March 20, Build is also fully encrypted and therefore reveals nothing just yet. 

Note: We have not processed the two previous Builds, but they were deployed on the following dates:

  • Build Friday March 13
  • Build Wednesday March 18
WoW: Fourth build for Shadowlands alpha deployed

A new encrypted alpha build for World of Warcraft: Shadowlands was just released on making it four already.


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