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Call of Duty Warzone: Season 4 Content and New Features

Call of Duty Warzone: Season 4 Content and New Features

Season 4 of Warzone has just started and it has a lot of new things in store, especially in terms of in-game features. Check out the summary of all the content in the Battle Royale.

Call of Duty Warzone: Season 4 Content and New Features

Whether it's the new weapons, the new game modes or the new Operator Captain Price, there is a lot going on in Warzone. With a few new features in Warzone, find out all that has changed in Verdansk in this overview.

Patch notes

  • Loot update: new weapon appeared (Fennec, Renetti, CR-56 AMAX and many more)
  • Fixed a bug where the Recon contract could appear in an Ammo Supply Cache, making it unusable. 
  • Addition of the Contraband Contract
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to drop their gun in the Gulag
  • Fixed a permanent exploit that duplicated self-resuscitation kitsIf you want to know the full patch note, head to this article below.
Season 4 is now LIVE!

Find the full patch notes for the latest Modern Warfare and Warzone update in this article.

New weapons

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Available in the loot boxes, the two new weapons can be found all over Verdansk but if you want to customise the weapons, it's best to buy the Battle Pass:

  • Fennec SMG: An aggressive, fully automatic sub-machine gun with buttery smooth recoil and a blazing fast rate of fire that is exceptional for strategic room clearing and holding down the front line. This weapon can be unlocked by reaching Tier 15 in the Season 4 Battle Pass.
  • CR-56 Amax - AR: This lightweight 7.62x39mm fully automatic assault rifle is compact and powerful. Built exclusively for military use, the standard issue rifle is deadly at mid range combat and is easily configured for a variety of assault tactics. This weapon can be earned by reaching Tier 30 in the Season 4 Battle Pass.

New in-game features

Weapon Mastery Challenges

After you have unlocked Gold camouflage for a weapon, new Mastery challenges will be available for players to complete. There are a total of eight challenges for each weapon in the game, each containing their own rewards. There are a total of 4 new Playercards and 4 Emblems to earn.

There are two Kill Challenges, two Headshot Challenges and four additional challenges that must be done in a particular order (Gold, Damascus, Obsidian) If players complete all 51 challenges, they will receive a unique sticker and Playercard.


When this occurs, all eliminated players will be released back into the game. There will be a one-minute notice before the event happens to find extra armor or a weapon for teammates dropping back into Verdansk. A jailbreak can take place at any time during the middle of a Warzone game.

Fire sale

This in-game event temporarily discounts the majority of items available at the Buy Station up to 80%, making it the perfect time to get your hands on killstreaks, self revive and more. During a Fire Sale, bringing back a teammate is totally free so if your team is short on cash, the Fire Sale can bring you right back into the game. Be warned! Fire Sales only last for 60 seconds so expect Buy Stations to be crowded.

Supply Choppers

This event brings a heavily armoured helicopter into the game. Armed with a lot of health, this non-lethal chopper will require a lot of ammunition to deal with. Once destroyed, it will drop plenty of high quality loot including three UAVs, two Armor Boxes and Munitions Boxes, gas masks, grenade launchers and a load of Cash. Watch out for any enemies looking to steal the loot after your team has done all the hard work!

Contraband contract

Contraband is a brand-new contract which will unlock a new Blueprint once completed. The new contracts have the potential to spawn after a previous contract has been completed. If you secure the briefcase, grab it and take it to the extraction location to call in the chopper. The player carrying the case must deposit it into the drop-bag to complete the contract. If a player kills the briefcase carrier, they can take it and complete it for their team.

New Operator - Captain Price

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Play as John Price during your trip to Verdansk. He is available via the Battle Pass.

  • Operator Mission 1: Unlocked after reaching level 0 of the Battle Pass
  • Operator Mission 2: Unlocked after reaching level 100 of the Battle Pass

Playlist update

  • Quads
  • Trios
  • Duets
  • Solos
  • Blood money
  • Warzone Rumble - LTM

Upcoming content

And finally, details surrounding future content that is not yet available has been revealed.

  • Realism Warzone
  • Juggernaut Royale
Here's all you need to know about the new Contract

Find out everything you need to know about the brand-new Warzone contract in this article.

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