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Season 6: AA-12 shotgun set to return

Season 6: AA-12 shotgun set to return

Season 6 of Modern Warfare and Warzone begins at the end of September, and a classic weapon is expected to make a return.

Season 6: AA-12 shotgun set to return

As Season 5 of Modern Warfare and Warzone begins to wind down, the first new weapon expected to arrive for Season 6 has been found in the Modern Warfare game files.

The AA-12 shotgun first made its debut over eight years ago in Modern Warfare 2, and is likely making its return as part of the new content.

First posted by BKTOOR, an early iteration of the shotgun can be seen in the game files. Rumors have suggested that the weapon has been in the game for months, but its presence has just come to light as focus switches towards the new season.

There's no telling as to how the new weapon will perform but the leak comes hot off the discovery of an underground subway was found.

Stay tuned for the latest Modern Warfare and Warzone news.

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