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WoW: Asmongold, Esfand, and other big streamers create One True King, a new esports organisation.

WoW: Asmongold, Esfand, and other big streamers create One True King, a new esports organisation.

While Echo and Method recently announced their respective creations and reformations, Asmongold and other well-known WoW personalities have decided to unveil their new organisation: One True King, abbreviated to OTK. Read on for a first glimpse at this new org!

WoW: Asmongold, Esfand, and other big streamers create One True King, a new esports organisation.

No, this isn't just some fan's dream, nor is it some detractor's nightmare for that matter; Several prominent World of Warcraft streamers have come together to create a new organisation to compete in the next expansion, Shadowlands. They're known as One True King, or OTK in short. Below are the founding members of this new organisation.

  • Asmongold
  • Mizkif
  • Esfand
  • Rich Campbell
  • TipsOut
World of Warcraft

This list features players that are not only extremely well-known in the English-speaking community, but are some of the most famous players in all of World of Warcraft. Not necessarily for their individual skill levels, but rather for what they bring to the game by having access to an open line of communication with Blizzard.

According to our sources, the new organisation not only plans to host and cast the Race to World First as an impartial & independent party, but also to offer a range of events, such as "IRL Transmog Contests", "WoW Classic Speedruns", and an "IRL Dungeons & Dragons Campaign".

But that's not all; Following the announcement on the night of 13th October, OTK has picked up an esports team! It seems that OTK's founders have used their influence once again, given the prominence of the four players who will represent them in WoW's upcoming tournaments. They are:

  • Trill
  • Mes
  • Cdew
  • Samiyam
World of Warcraft

The organisation's first team is aiming for victory in the Arena World Championship. OTK has not yet ruled out picking up more players in order to compete in other esports events, but as of writing, OTK does not have a team in place to play in the Mythic Dungeon International, nor will they field a side for the Race to World First or any PvP events in WoW Classic.

In case you've forgotten, these four players originally came from Method Orange, one of two PvP-exclusive teams fielded by the old Method roster. After disbanding in June, these players have decided to align themselves with Asmongold and his team to form one of the best Arena teams in the world!

One True King joins the growing list of organisations born out of Method's smouldering cinders — irrespective of any planned rebirth — and here's hoping that this new org can continue use their platform to pass on the community's sentiments towards Blizzard and their developers. Despite their critics — and the fact that Rich Campbell has been on Blizzard's blacklist for some time now — these personalities have the support of a lot of players and now have an opportunity to do great things for the community moving forward!

WoW: Ex-Method players form new guild

Exactly one month on from the unexpected fall of the legendary guild Method, a new guild and org has been revealed: Echo. Containing the majority of Method's former players, its objective is clear: to be the best guild in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands and any future expansions.


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