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Battlefield 2042 confirmed to have anti-cheat system

Battlefield 2042 confirmed to have anti-cheat system

Thanks to a tweet from Tom Henderson, we know that the new installment of Battlefield from DICE will have an anti-cheat system to protect players from hacks.

Battlefield 2042 confirmed to have anti-cheat system

In the Battlefield 2042 alpha, it seems that an anti-cheat system has been discovered that will help prevent hacks.

EA has opted to use a third-party service well known for its reliability in multiplayer games: Easy Anti-Cheat.

At the moment, there's no official confirmation of this program being implemented, although the information comes from the usually reliable leaker Tom Henderson.

In a post on Twitter, he stated that the game was using Epic Games' anti-cheat service.  Although it is not 100% reliable, the teams are reactive, allowing for a more agile and quality service to players. 

Easy Anti-Cheat is used by a large range of games that cover genres such as FPS, TPS, MMO and fighting games. When you start a game, the system runs in the background to stop the root cause of the cheat on a technical level.

This system both preventss cheats in part and prevents your cheat software from running in the game, a means like any other to thwart cheats as much as possible.

Development teams haven't really communicated on the basis of their cheat systems in order to keep them secret, so cheats can't easily bypass their protection systems.

We await official confirmation of this leak. 

Battlefield 2042 open beta coming in September

EA has confirmed that the open beta of Battlefield 2042 will take place in September

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