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New World: Amazon tweaks High Watermark System to increase benefits

New World: Amazon tweaks High Watermark System to increase benefits

Braving the Shattered Mountain will no longer be a hindrance to your daily life in New World, thanks to new tweaks made to the High Watermark System.

Currently in New World, endgame players are engaged in different activities to min-max their builds. From farming ore to leveling professions, completing dungeons to competing in arenas, ultimately they're looking to increase their high watermark and gain better loot for their efforts.

Now, Amazon have announced a change that benefits those min-maxers. 

Open-world PvP will now increase high watermark

Previously, high-level players have had little interest in open-world PvP thanks to there being no noticeable rewards. The XP gain is irrelevant at max level, and only those interested in War would really be invested in it.

As such, farming chests in the Shattered Mountain region has become the only viable way players can increase their power level through gear. However, a change is coming that will point players away 

On a Dev Blog on the New World forums, Amazon has given its vision for PvP in the game. They want to make open-world PvP more viable for endgame players, and will adjust the rewards for PvP kills at level 60 so they can increase the high watermark.  

Ultimately this should push high level players into flagging for PvP more, and reduce crowding in elite areas where all are fighting over the same mobs for potential drops. 

This is particularly a problem at levels above 64, where enemies are capable of dropping 600 GS items, and Amazon have said that expeditions such as Garden of Genesis and Lazarus Instrumentality are a better way to guarantee a high watermark increase.

As such, they'll be adjusting Expedition Tuning Orb crafting requirements to allow for more players to run the dungeons. 

Permabans are starting to fall on New World

On Reddit, a post has spoken of a wave of permanent bans in New World. But what is causing them?

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