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A FFXIV Solo Player lost on Floor 200 of POTD because of Loading Screens

A FFXIV Solo Player lost on Floor 200 of POTD because of Loading Screens

The unfamous solo runs of the Palace of the Dead made another victime in Final Fantasy XIV as a player managed to reach floor 200 just before failing because of the loading screen.

A  FFXIV Solo Player lost on Floor 200 of POTD because of Loading Screens

The "The Necromancer" title is one of the rarest title in Final Fantasy XIV. With around 0.3% of players using FFXIV Collect having it it looks like there are way less necromancer than legends out there. In fact, the lowest % of acquisition for a "Legend" title is at 5.6% of registered players.

The rules for getting this Necromancer are quite easy though, at least the rules. You'll need to complete 200 floors of the Palace of the Dead without a single death while being solo from start to end.

Multiple players have released guides and share tips about how to do it or what class' the best to have an easier journey through the dungeon.

In reality though, the achievement is way harder to get than one might think and the very low number of Necromancer you can see while playing the game prove just that.

Most of the time, players fail in the latest stages or get disconected. In fact, many players complained about wasting an entire run of POTD just because the servers crashed and they had to start over. This issue seems to be far more common than one might think.

On the other hand, user Acceptable-Shower362 posted their own experience of tragedy on Reddit with a video that could give thrills to many.

While they finally reached floor 200 after a 12h session and were only a few meters away from the goal, they were kicked from the instance with a failed message on the screen. Why did that happen? Because they ran out of time.

In fact, during loading screens the game doesn't stop the time count, meaning that if you tend to take time loading one floor from another you'll end up losing a lot of time and that's what happened here.

Acceptable-Shower362 isn't going to stop though as they explained that they already reached floor 131 again and that they're still going for the Necromancer title.

Is there a title you're looking to get before Endwalker? Please feel free to let us know in the comment section below.

Many changes are to be expected with Endwalker, both with the classes and the already existing features. The new eight-player raid tier "Pandemonium" will also be introduced with the expansion.

While waiting for the release of this major game update which will introduce the new Reaper and Sage classes, you can take advantage of our many guides on the content already available here.

Our portal will also be updated as soon as possible with the latest information on Endwalker ahead of its release and plenty of content starting November 19th.

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