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The New World Trading Post is getting a facelift

The New World Trading Post is getting a facelift

Amazon has announced several changes coming to New World's PTR, including a much-needed improvement to the Trading Post following stinging criticism.

Amazon Games have set up PTR servers to allow players to test potential changes to New World, with several announced this week.

Should these tests be successful, the proposed changes and features will be pushed to the live game. Here's what Amazon has in the pipeline.

New World's Trading Posts will now be linked

While this isn't new information, Amazon have reworked the Trading Posts in the individual towns so that they are all linked. The aim of this move is to try and strenghen the economies in-game, as well as make it easier to buy and sell. 

This also means that an item listed in one territory will be available in another, meaning there should be a steady stream of resources available to all. 

Fees for Buy and Sell Orders will be determined by the Settlement from which you are buying, while Transaction Taxes will be set by the Settlement from which you're buying. Should one of your listings expire, the item will be returned to where you made the listing in the first place. 

One other change is that items can no longer be listed for 28 days, with the new maximum being 14 days.

Naturally, no release date has been announced for when these changes will hit the live servers, so stay tuned.

New World: The Void Gauntlet is coming soon!

Several leaks in back in 2019 pointed towards the Void Gauntlet being added to New World. Now Amazon have confirmed the rumours, here's what we know about this mysterious new magic weapon.


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