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New World: The Void Gauntlet is coming soon!

New World: The Void Gauntlet is coming soon!

Several leaks in back in 2019 pointed towards the Void Gauntlet being added to New World. Now Amazon have confirmed the rumours, here's what we know about this mysterious new magic weapon.

While the Void Gauntlet's existence had already been revealed in an image the New World Twitter account posted, Amazon had been relatively silent on just when the weapon would come to the game. 

However, following successful testing, the Void Gauntlet has been added to the game's PTR servers for players to try out and offer feedback.

New World
New World

What is the Void Gauntlet?

Similar to the Ice Gauntlet already in the game, the Void Gauntlet is a DPS/Support hybrid magic weapon that shoots bolts that deal Void damage. 

It's the first weapon to scale off both Intelligence and Focus, which will be a boon for full-on magic users who need large pools of mana. It also means it's the only weapon in the game that perfectly synergises with the Life Staff, meaning you can now play a proper healer build and still survive out in the wild. 

In terms of talent trees, the first is the Annihilation tree. Naturally, this does as it says on the tin, focusing on damage at close range using Void Blade -- a skill that converts your ranged attack into melee for a short time. It also comes with a stun, Petrifying Scream, and and AoE attack/buff named Oblivion.There's also a nifty heal built into the level 10 skill, Voidcaller.

The Decay focuses on debuffing enemies through abilities like Orb of Decay and Baleful Tether, while Essence Rupture latches into enemies and offers a heal to any party member that attacks that enemy. The level 10 skill, Glimpse of the Void, offers a satisfying buff once at full stacks.

You can find the full trees over on New World Fans.

New World

When will the Void Gauntlet arrive?

The Void Gauntlet is now live on the PTR, with no set date planned for it to go live. 

Naturally, its release will depend on testing and feedback, so if you're on the PTR and use the weapon, make sure to make your feelings known through the dedicated section on the forums. You can also give feedback in-game, through the menu.

Are there any other weapons planned for New World?

Yes, several leaks show that Amazon have more weapons in the works. They have already said that they plan to release new weapons shortly after launch, which could be any time really. 

Now that the PTR is live, we're sure there'll be a steady stream of information about any new additions or changes down as soon as they appear on the test realm.

Is faster running coming to New World?

According to a post on Reddit, a Sprint Speed increase has been spotted in the New World PTR.


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