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Is the Ill-gotten Gain essential to PvP in New World?

Is the Ill-gotten Gain essential to PvP in New World?

A piece of Legendary jewelry in New World, the Ill-gotten Gain really shouldn't be missed if you are a PvP player. Here's why it's become such a hot item.

A pair of Legendary earrings in New World, Ill-gotten Gain looks pretty unimpressive at first glance. It has a low Gear Score, with a base of 499, and offers just a paltry 20 Constitution to those who decide to wear them.

However, this is not where the item's strength lies -- that honor goes to its rather spectacular Perks. While rather irrelevant for PvE, this item really shines in New World's PvP.

The earrings for potion drinkers...

Ill-gotten Gain

Base Gear Score: 499

Constitution +20

T5 Gem: Initially comes with Jasper for +3% Strike Damage Absorption, but can be modified.

Regeneration: You gain 0.25-0.5% health every second.

Refreshing Toast: Potions cooldown 10.0-28.2% faster.

Duplicating Toast: When you drink a potion, 5.0-14.1% chance it doesn't consume.

As you can see, the perks conferred on this item are ideal for PvP play. Regenerating health? Potion cooldowns faster? Chance for potions not to consume? These are all incredibly strong when engaged in sustained battle with enemy players. 

Now we can see why they seem to spam potions in Wars and other situations!

How to obtain the Ill-gotten Gain

There's only one location you can find the Ill-gotten Gain jewelry item: Foreman Harold.

New World

A level 55 Corrupted, you'll find him at the very bottom of the Lower Slag Mine in Edengrove.

You'll benefit from a 20% boost in damage if you use Nature and Arcane, while Ice and Strike damage will deal less.

He's actually a target of a quest, but be mindful -- the item is an incredibly rare drop, and you'll need to boost your Luck if you want any success in having him drop it.

Some players have reported that farming Harold for the Ill-gotten Gain has taken upwards of five hours, so be prepared to dig in for the long haul.

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