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Get free gifts with the New World Winter Convergence Festival

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Get free gifts with the New World Winter Convergence Festival

The first Christmas event in New World is upon us! The Winter Convergence Festival brings a host of content to Aeternum, alongside free gifts - here's what you can expect.

The New World store has begun offering new items to the adventurers of Aeternum, based around the new Winter Convergence Festival.

The event plays out similarly to the game's Halloween event, and has players collect Winter Tokens that they can exchange for various rewards.

To get your hands on these items, visit the in-game store and go to the Hot Deals section to find the free rewards. However, items are only available for a limited time and come in waves.

In total there will be five waves of free rewards. You'll get one piece of the Hunter's Festive set in each, alongside decorative items for your house and the Shiver emote.

Mark your calendars, because there are several dates you'll need to keep an eye on if you want to claim all the Winter Convergence Festival's free rewards!

New World

The New World Advent Calendar

December 17-18

  • Convergence Poinsettias (housing item) x2
  • Hunter's Festive Coat
New World

December 19-20

  • Hunter's Festive Trappers
  • Hunter's Festive Furs
New World

December 21-23

  • Hunter's Festive Gloves
  • Convergence Mistletoe (housing item)
New World

December 23-24

  • Shiver emote
New World

December 25-27

  • Hunter's Festive Hood
  • Wreath (household item)
New World

Make sure you collect these rewards during the periods they are available, because you'll lose the opportunity otherwise. Even if the items don't interest you too much, free is always good, and a complete collection is always better.

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