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You can make quite a lot of Money with GTA 6

You can make quite a lot of Money with GTA 6

Even before being properly announced, Grand Theft Auto 6 has been, for many months, if not years, at the center of the wildest rumors. Among them, information here and there concerning the city where the events should take place. The bets are open !

Modern Vice City, Vice City of the 80s, Paris, London, New York, Tokyo ... For many years, speculation around what should be the city of Grand Theft Auto 6 has been rife.

And despite formalization of the development of this opus which is more than ever expected, information on the latter is almost non-existent. Nevertheless, clever little guys have found a way to pass the time and above all to make money quite easily on the title while waiting to find out more: bet on the city of the game .

GTA 6, a way to make money!

First of all, it is important to warn that online betting is strictly prohibited for minors, so make sure you are 18 or over before embarking on the predictions, but no, you are not dreaming, a site of Paris does indeed allow you to make predictions on the next city of the license!

The site in question is Bovada , and the latter has found the vein since it allows you to make bets on the city that will be introduced in GTA 6 . Currently, the online betting site allows you to bet on several cities, cities whose odds are obviously specified:

  • Los Angeles +150
  • Miami +150
  • New York +150
  • London +500
  • Rio de Janeiro +500
  • Boston +1000
  • Detroit +1000
  • Vegas +1000
  • Seattle +1000
  • Paris +2500
  • Tokyo +2500
  • Beijing +5000

    As you will have understood, it is in your interest, if you are sure of yourself and your information, to bet on cities such as Paris or Tokyo, or even Beijing!

GTA 6, a city at the heart of all questions

Since the launch of the Grand Theft Auto license, what is part of the DNA of the games is undoubtedly the city in which the events take place. If we had the right to Liberty City, San Andreas or even Vice City , speculations and rumors concerning that of GTA 6 are becoming more and more insistent on the web.

Lately, leakers from the GTA community have not hesitated to announce on social networks that GTA 6 will not have one but several cities, with among them Carcer City, Vice City, Cuba, but also the city of Chicago in the form of parody .

However, these are just rumors at this time, and no information has been released from Rockstar Games . Unfortunately, we all know the operating system of the starry firm, and the studio will most certainly communicate on the city of GTA 6 at the last minute .

Skull and Bones: A leak that finally reveals more gameplay!

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