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Genshin Impact: The most beautiful cosplay of the moment!

Genshin Impact: The most beautiful cosplay of the moment!

Venti, Zhongli, Yoimiya or even Qiqi: here is a selection of the best cosplay published in May 2022 on social networks by artists from all over the world.

Genshin Impact's popularity still hasn't waned since its release. Admittedly, we will obviously note a considerable drop in players since the hype of the beginnings cannot last forever, but MiHoYo's Gacha RPG is updated regularly and knows how to convince its fans to stay again and again. Although 2.7 has been delayed, travelers around the world continue to submit fan art and other cosplays on social networks , much to the delight of Internet users. Today we wanted to give you a small selection of the best cosplays found on Twitter and published recently. There are so many that we haven't gone back in time to find more, but by clicking on the artists' profiles below, you will find many more. Rest assured, there is something for everyone!


To start, here is a superb cosplay from the artist Gehe offering his version of the Archon Venti and his famous weapon mixing Bow and Harp. Very popular, the hero has also recently benefited from a banner alongside Ayato and the sales records have been exploded! In short, the 5-star Anemo-type bard deserves his success.

Raiden Shogun

Available since August 2021, the Raiden Shogun was an extremely anticipated character. His story (without wanting to spoiler if you haven't done it yet) is probably one of the most complete (and complex) in the game.


Gorou, the general of the troops of the island of Watatsumi, arrived in December 2021 on the game. Less popular than other 4 stars, he nevertheless knew how to charm more than one. With its Geo element, its main role is to serve as support within your team by doing damage but above all by increasing the damage of its teammates.


Although Lisa has been present since the very beginning of the game, she is a rather "rare" character as it is difficult to obtain her in the banners. Anyway, the mistress of Teyvat's library is probably hiding a lot more secrets than you think.


Since the arrival of his boat and a part of his story more worked on the game, Beidou has become a character much appreciated by players.


Rare are the players who do not have Barbara in C6 as she has returned several times to the banners and has already been offered twice. Appreciated despite everything, she is one of the few to have a skin of her own.


This was one of the very first temporary banners when Genshin Impact launched in 2020. Many players put it aside to focus on Venti instead. Fortunately, Klee then returned to 1.6 to the delight of fans.


Yoimiya is probably one of the characters with one of the most advanced chara-design in the game. It must be difficult to make a cosplay of it but many artists have taken up the challenge with flying colors.


Qiqi is often the unloved of invocations because no one wants her constellations. However, the little character is really cute, proof with this cosplay.


We don't really know if Zhongli is still the strongest character in Genshin Impact, but he will have made the various Bosses in the game see all the colors, especially when he turns into a human meteor.


Character of the winter available since January 2021, Ganyu will have made an impression with his formidable power as an archer. Half-human, half-Adept, we must admit that her advanced age of 3000 years, and her story will also have convinced a ton of players.

Yae Miko

The mystery hovered around this character for months already and it was finally at the beginning of the year 2022 that Yae Miko was made available in the banners of the game.


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