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Here is Heizou gameplay and stats in Genshin Impact

Here is Heizou gameplay and stats in Genshin Impact

Expected with version 2.8 at the earliest, Heizou has been the subject of new datamining. Stats, skills, constellations, attacks... A complete focus on this future character is now available. Just what it takes to find out if any primo-gems are worth saving for him.

Here is Heizou gameplay and stats in Genshin Impact

The first male character equipped with a catalyst is much talked about on Genshin Impact. Heizou won't be coming to the game for a while (with patch 2.8, at the earliest), but dataminers and content creators have already gathered quite a bit of information about him.

In-game Heizou gameplay

Many fans had strongly criticized Heizou as soon as his splashart was revealed . But the preview of its gameplay is on the contrary a very good surprise for the community. His moves are both very fluid and very original, as can be seen in the clip below.


Named juvenile casebook


For 5 seconds after Heizou enters the battlefield, his base attack speed is increased by 15%. He also gains 1 stack of Declension for Heartstopper Strike . this effect can be activated once every 10 seconds.

Investigative collecting


When the Fudou Style Vacuum Slugger created by Windmuster kick explodes, it pulls nearby enemies

Esoteric puzzle book


Increases Heartstopper Strike level by 3. Max increase is set to 15.

Tomes of lies


The first Windmuster Iris explosion from each Windmuster kick regenerates 9 Elemental Energy to Heizou. All side explosions from this Windmuster kick regenerate 1.5 additional energy points for Heizou.

A Windmuster Kick can regenerate 13.5 Elemental Energy for Heizou this way.

Secret Archive


Increases Windmuster Kick level by 3. Max increase is set to 15.

Curious Caseflies


Each stack of Declension increases the crit rate of Heartstopper strike by 4%. When Heizou is under the effect of Conviction , the critical damage of his Heartstopper Strike is increased by 32%.

Materials required to upgrade heizou

We owe Devil Takoyaki a complete infographic of all the materials needed to improve Heizou (ascension, improvement of talents and increase in level thresholds).

Genshin Impact

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