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Minecraft: The Wild Update already at the heart of tensions?

Minecraft: The Wild Update already at the heart of tensions?

While it has not even been released on our machines yet, it seems that the next major update of Minecraft is already at the heart of all the tensions of the players. The reason ? The lack of novelties and the broken promises of the developers.

Although we already know that a major update is planned for this summer, it was only recently that Mojang Studios revealed the release date for the Wild Update . If she gives us an appointment for this month of June, the anger of the players is already being heard.

According to them, the developers at Mojang don't really deliver on their promises, and Minecraft version 1.19 doesn't look like it's been approved by the cubic gaming community. Described as appalling, the players let their dissatisfaction be known.

An update below expectations?

It is on the date of June 7th that we will be able to welcome the free update of Minecraft . This will bring its share of new features with two new biomes, mobs and creatures, but also new blocks. Nevertheless, despite all this, players are absolutely not happy with this one, although it is not yet definitely released, and so players have made it known on social networks like Twitter and Reddit.

Why so much contempt for the cubic title? Well the reasons are many. The studio had promised gamers big changes to the game, which it did with the release of Caves and Cliffs , including new depth and height, not to mention the many lush caves, but there is not the problem. The developers had also promised a few additions such as the fireflies, which we are still waiting for, or the Bundles, these new bags/inventories which were to appear for 2020. However, at the time of writing these lines, still nothing.

As a result, players were hoping for these announcements for version 1.19 of the title, but this is not the case, and other elements had to be removed from the Wild Update, such as birch forests. However, it is still worth remembering that these large content updates remain fairly recent, and that previously these were neither more nor less than updates used to correct the problems present in-game. Besides, they are free, and a game offering updates, or maybe even DLC in this case, is quite rare.

Anyway, the Wild Update is now scheduled for June 7, and despite a noticeable disappointment within the community, it will still have the merit of bringing several new features to the cubic title, and that's it. is nice. You can of course find all the details of this in our dedicated article.

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