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WoW: A sublime song performed by a fan in tribute to Ysera

WoW: A sublime song performed by a fan in tribute to Ysera

As World of Warcraft's Dragonflight expansion approaches, a singer from the WoW player community has chosen to perform a song in tribute to one of the characters with the saddest fate: Ysera the Dreamer. A sublime tribute that we recommend you savor.

Once again, the community of World of Warcraft fans is illustrated in its passion for the universe of Blizzard's MMORPG. Today, it's Sharm , an independent English-speaking singer passionate about video games, who offers her vision of one of the most impressive and sad deaths in the history of WoW: that of Ysera of course, the matron of Flight Green dragon. A reminder that Dragonflight is not very far away...

  • Miniature fan art by Yaroslav Tarasenko

Ode to Ysera

If it is common for the community to take up iconic music or songs from the real world in which we live in order to create parodies or new versions "WoW style", it is rather rare that this takes the form of a flight. lyric entirely created by the creator.

However, it's good that Sharm offers here with his song called "Wake Up". The name of this one is of course not insignificant and immediately recalls not only the eternal sleep in which Ysera engulfed herself, but also of course her role as guardian of the Emerald Dream. She was indeed famous for her title of "Dreamer" after entering a long trance allowing her to access a new, clearer and "global" vision of the physical world. This trance manifested until Cataclysm as a deep, undisturbed sleep that many of her worshipers wanted to end so that it would aid them in their fight against the Scourge.

World of Warcraft

It will finally be a vision of the Hour of Twilight that will overcome this long and, what we will learn later, tormented sleep. It is also from her that comes the original idea which consisted in exploiting the Soul of the Dragons in order to put an end to the ravages perpetrated by Deathwing during the Cataclysm expansion, an idea that she would have had during his long meditation through a vision of the creation of this powerful artifact many years earlier.

However, the victory against the Destroyer will have cost the Aspects dearly, making them -almost- mere mortals and removing a significant part of their powers that they placed in the Soul of the Dragons. It is this vulnerability, which the satyr Xavius will later exploit during the Legion expansion to turn the Dreamer against her allies, leading her to near-inevitable death during the final scene of the Val'sharah area.

World of Warcraft

Particularly moving and even shocking for many players, the last moments of Ysera are among the most significant in the history of World of Warcraft. Even if we find her in Shadowlands in the Shadowlands expansion, we also help her to understand the events that have taken place since her death, the story of the Dreamer is particularly striking because of the great sadness it implies, but also by the terrible irony of the situation: the protector of Life herself lost her life...

It is from these powerful emotions that Sharm seems to have chosen to create his song "Wake Up". A true tribute to a character with a disastrous destiny and whose even afterlife is tinged with melancholy and regret. Accompanied by flashbacks of Legion and Shadowlands, this song gives voice to Ysera herself at the moment of her death, inevitable release from the grip of Xavius and her nightmare, not understanding why she cannot manage to wake up from this long and strange dream. Unfortunately, we know (and she too from Shadowlands) that it was not just a dream...

We let you discover the lyrics to understand the power of the chosen words:

This dream I breathe The sky, the trees The wild, the green A whispered plea Carried on the breeze Rides upon my wings But why can't I open my eyes? Arise Why can't I wake up? Flowers die Birds fall from the sky The earth, cold and dry The screams, the cries Fortify my flight Somehow this must be right But why can't I open my eyes? Arise Why can't I wake up? Broken mind Lost inside With a torment So dark and entwined Dreamer's end Stars will bend In the moment That I lay down to die Why, why? Can't I wake up from this evil dream Why, why? Can't I wake up from this evil dream This dream I breathe The sky, the trees The red in the green Corruption called Elune's bells tolled The nightmare felt so real...

Sharm is not his first attempt and we let you discover his other creations to get an idea. At a time when Dragonflight is fast approaching, remembering the life and death of one of the greatest dragons in the history of World of Warcraft seems more timely than ever. Her daughter, Merithra du Rêve, should take over in this sense and hope that her future will be sweeter than that of her late mother.

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