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Genshin Impact: with the anniversary of the game, how many primogems to collect in f2p on 3.1?

Genshin Impact: with the anniversary of the game, how many primogems to collect in f2p on 3.1?

Genshin Impact's second anniversary bonus rewards are a sticking point for the community, which has mixed memories of the first edition. However, with the 3.1 update, Hoyoverse is about to deliver a hell of a lot of primogems for free to play.

How many Prime Gems can we expect to receive over the duration of Genshin Impact 3.1? The question is on everyone's lips, especially as the community awaits the publisher at the turn, after a mixed first anniversary and where countless fans had complained about the lack of generosity of Hoyoverse.

As the game is about to blow out its second candle, the developers have gone all out this time, and the amount of primo-gems expected is very respectable. As the calculations made by WangshengFP expose , there will be no less than 16,015 primogems to be collected across the entire 3.1 release, between September 28 and November 2.

Genshin Impact

A birthday that starts on the right foot

In terms of pure and hard invocation alone, this patch 3.1, marked by the anniversary, therefore represents 100 wishes for free to play players. WangshengFP's calculations include permanent content, daily login gifts, and miscellaneous events.

It will therefore be particularly interesting to be assiduous during this period of celebration, especially since these are not the only surprises from miHoyo. The publisher will also offer 4 fragile resins and an exclusive pet, which we saw in the 3.1 livestream!

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More bonuses to come?

As it stands, the gifts on offer for this birthday are quite decent. The community seems satisfied with what has been announced, and approaches the event calmly. We are therefore already light years away from the atmosphere of the first anniversary, where miHoyo had been forced to readjust the rewards, in the face of the anger of the players.

See you on September 28 to find out if the publisher still has any additional surprises in store for us.

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