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Genshin Impact x Cadillac: In China, buying a new car boosts your stock of primos

Genshin Impact x Cadillac: In China, buying a new car boosts your stock of primos

The collaboration between Genshin Impact and Cadillac is causing a stir, even in the West, where fans look enviously at Chinese customers driving cars painted in the colors of Beidou and Kazuha.

Genshin Impact x Cadillac: In China, buying a new car boosts your stock of primos

The partnership between Cadillac and Genshin Impact is making a lot of noise in Europe, even though the crossover does not exist on our continent. French fans look with amused eyes at cars painted with Beidou or Kazuha themes, and shortly after the inaugural patch 3.1 broadcast, it was even learned that buyers of certain new Cadillac models in China could leave of the car dealership with no less than 20,000 primogems in their pocket ! Suffice to say that in China, Cadillac customers who are also adventurers on Teyvat are happy.

Genshin Impact

Big deal ?

20,000 primogems is a lot, especially when you're a free to play player. When purchased through the Genshin Impact store, this represents around 300 dollars. A hell of a sum … Which is ultimately very little if you consider the price of a new Cadillac, a sine qua none condition to pocket the precious bonuses in the context of the Chinese crossover.

Indeed, the car models affected by the crossover cost between 34,000 and 39,000 dollars , without options. The primoges giveaways are sort of the icing on the cake for Cadillac buyers, but it seems absurd to buy a car JUST to pocket the primos.

Classy cars

This story of bonus primogems is ultimately only anecdotal, and the real tour de force of this crossover is measured in terms of image. Cadillac is a very prestigious car brand, and photos of bodies painted in honor of Beidou, Kazuha and others have gone around the world. Mission successful for Genshin Impact, which once again made its fans around the world salivate with goodies that could not be obtained.

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