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Disney Dreamlight Valley: The enigmatic language of memories finally decoded!

Disney Dreamlight Valley: The enigmatic language of memories finally decoded!

Have you noticed that some Disney Dreamlight Valley memorabilia only offered a simple scroll with weird symbols? A surfer has decoded the language and reveals their secret to us!

Disney Dreamlight Valley is finally released on Tuesday, September 6, 2022 in Early Access on all platforms. The opportunity for you to discover this magical world and restore it by finding lost Disney and Pixar characters. All means are good: whether it's exploring the open world by unlocking the passages of nocturnal thorns thanks to the Dreamlight, or going through the castle and its magic paintings. Today, we are going to look at Memories and the mysterious writings on the images.

Disney Dreamlight Valley

Early access bug or riddle to solve?

If you have been playing Disney Dreamlight Valley for a few days now, then you will probably have noticed that it is possible to collect Souvenirs when you perform actions : gardening, fishing, mining, etc. These memories regularly make it possible to obtain pieces of images in order to reveal a scene from a Disney or Pixar animated film. In the specific case of Wall-E, obtaining a souvenir unlocks a friendship quest.

However, some memories do not yet have images to reveal to us. Personally, I thought it was just some sort of placeholder during Early Access, as not all images are currently available. I then said to myself that we had to wait until the final release of the title in 2023 and, with the ton of things to do in the game currently, I admit that I did not think more than that.

Disney Dreamlight Valley

The language of memories deciphered!

If the coded images of Memories intrigue you, you may have noticed that it is a special language. Fan of the animated film Atlantis , a user on Reddit understood immediately that the symbols used on the memories were actually the language of Atlantis. So he immediately translated an image to reveal the following message:

"Her diary belongs to the monarch of Dreamlight Valley. Private reading."

As a comment, it specifies that all the coded images currently include the same message. This may mean that it is actually a placeholder waiting for "real" memories with images in the future. I secretly hope it could be a big riddle, some kind of treasure hunt but I doubt it. Anyway, it can perhaps tease us about the upcoming arrival of characters from Atlantis, the Lost Empire like Professor Milo and Princess Kida. Especially since some places in the Valley, such as the Mystical Cave or the ruins of Bayou de la Confiance, are reminiscent of Atlantis.

And if you are interested in the Atlantean script, here is a wiki revealing the symbols and their phonetic correspondences.

Disney Dreamlight Valley
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