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WoW: You play too much, and this addon clearly demonstrates it!

WoW: You play too much, and this addon clearly demonstrates it!

As World of Warcraft players prepare to land on the ninth expansion of the flagship MMORPG, Dragonflight, a small innocuous addon disrupts their plans by allowing them to discover their total playing time, on their entire account. Mandatory mental preparation!

There are subjects that we do not joke about in World of Warcraft, and one of them is undoubtedly the game time. Because yes, after more than 17 years of existence in Europe, the king of MMORPGs still has very regular players since the first hour. Although they rarely happen to wonder how long they spent in Azeroth, an addon allows them to know it more or less precisely. And frankly, it's as awesome as it is evil! it's time to take stock before landing on the Dragon Islands in Dragonflight!

Altoholic: The addon that wants you good... Or not

The addon in question here is Altoholic, and it is available on CurseForge . It may seem simple and even useless at first glance, yet we quickly find ourselves curious when it is sold to us as " the addon that gives your overall game time on WoW ". Because in fact, this seemingly innocuous little addon gives you the possibility of knowing how much game time you have accumulated on each character, each kingdom... and even on your entire account!

  • Important: You must log in with each of the characters in your account for it to be counted by the addon.

    By going to the " Account Summary " page of the " Summary " tab, all the characters you have logged in since owning the addon are displayed. You can see the number of gold coins they have, their level... But also and above all the playing time spent on each one.

World of Warcraft

And that's where the fun is: at the bottom of this page, a note indicates the totals of the amounts displayed on this summary: the total number of levels obtained, the amount of gold available in your account and... .your total playing time. If for many players who have recently started a game time of around 50 days may seem frightening, imagine the sweet dread that runs down your spine when you read "997 days". However, this is still a long way from some other players who cross the bar of 1,600 days of play on Reddit for example.

The craziest thing about all of this is that your deleted characters aren't counted since you can't connect them. Personally, for example, I deleted at least thirty characters with I don't know how many dozens of hours of play on the clock. The same goes for the Classic version of the game which is not taken into account, or the countless hours spent on the Alpha and Beta of many expansions.

In short, Altoholic is here to remind you that you play too much, way too much. And even if he won't change anything because you and I will continue to play, he will at least have had the merit of trying. And for that, hats off! But that's not all...

Terrific management of rerolls on WoW

Originally not created to track how long you've spent in the game, Altoholic is a great little addon that lets its owners know a lot of useful things about their secondary characters, even if they're disconnected. Among the coolest features of this tool is the summary of what each of the bags of ALL your characters contains. A significant plus, especially when you're messy and tend to leave high-value items lying around on level 10 rerolls (yes, that's my case).

World of Warcraft

However, Altoholic goes further. Like some other addons such as SavedInstances, it allows for example to have a complete summary of all the instances carried out during the week by all the characters of your account, as well as their eligibility for each of the different locations of the Great Vault!

No need to take a detailed tour of all the features that Altoholic offers, we will still be there tomorrow. However, be aware that this is undoubtedly one of the most complete addons in its field: that of grouping your entire account into a single addon. Everything becomes accessible and real in just a few clicks, saving you the trouble of searching for which cursed character you may have left your Haunted Memory lying around, or how many Leatherworking skills your Lost Shaman has on Medivh.

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